August 25, 2008

what’s new?

lettuce pray

mixing salad

Last Week I:

-had a birthday! (turned 29)
-got a new camera (canon g9) for my birthday (photos above are from the new camera)
-went to Tamarine for my birthday dinner
-had a yummy salad & a baked potato for lunch at Houstons:

burrata, tomato, walnut, beet salad

-had a Rock Band/Project Runway Party at my house
-made BBQ chicken salad for that party (ingredients are in the photos above)
-watched the entire first season of Mad Men on dvd with Casey
-had 10 dudes over for dinner/drinks on Friday (made pesto penne with pine nuts and asparagus)

aspargus orgy

pine nut fiasco!

tomato party

-ran a bunch of errands
-daydreamed about our baby boy
-put together our stroller
-washed first load of baby clothes!!!

-went for a walk and saw these prettie fuzzies:

hi fuzzies

-watched like 30 episodes of Bringing Home Baby- to prepare myself
-kept my mother in law company while she made curtains for the bebe room & the guest room
-cleaned my kitchen at least 4 times
-got my stomach rubbed from a COMPLETE stranger while picking up salad ingredients
-was asked if I was having twins (no, I am not)
-and of course… I took it easy and snuggled with my fuzzy kitties

miss pinot can't be bothered

Remmington Fuzzbucket the Third

And tonight I’m cooking in the kitchen. Watch out!

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