Intentions for the Week:


Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday! If you’ve got the day off, I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!

If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories, you’re already aware that I’m deep in a cleaning zone in my house right now. With Cooper being down for the count with poison oak, we have been homebound this weekend. Instead of going out and partying, we’ve all been working on projects around the house.  Casey is working on a wine project. Cooper is building legos & perfecting his basketball skills. I’m reorganizing spaces in my house and getting rid of a bunch of things that no longer serve a purpose. I am RESETTING MY BRAIN.


I’m getting there.


One day I will get rid of all of my artwork from college.

I’m still not there yet.

I will be soon. 

I tracked a whole week’s worth of meals on MyFitnessPal this week.

I lost 4 lbs. in the process.

It was hard at times. I don’t know how I feel about micromanaging my intake, but I can see results and I feel better, so there’s that.  I would like to keep it up…but 4th of July is tomorrow SO….

We’ll see.

Every day is a new beginning.

Intentions for this Week:

  • make an epic cheese board for my parent’s party
  • take pictures of cheeseboard/write a post about said cheeseboard
  • watch fireworks with my family
  • keep gathering items for our trip to the dump
  • help my child get back to looking/feeling like himself
  • photograph prints for sale
  • LAUNDRY (never ends)
  • yoga x 2 / long walk
  • make a MEALS this WEEK list
  • think about website redesign
  • update media kit
  • refill containers in bathroom
  • send out batch of letters
  • empty car/clean it out/wash it?
  • wash fridge drawers
  • set my Fitbit up again
  • do some meal prep
  • make chicken wings
  • drop donation off at thrift store
  • schedule dentist/annual exam (HOW CAN I MOTIVATE TO DO THIS?)
  • visit to the library
  • edit photos/post pizza cookie recipe
  • dye denim bag
  • etsy stuff
  • continue to be mindful when eating & drinking this week

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • empty car/clean it out (it’s been used for Home Depot runs. No use cleaning)
  • follow up on shipping
  • oil change? (decided to put this off another week)
  • dentist/annual exam <—- PUT ON YOUR CALENDAR, TRACY
  • deep clean fridge (cleaned out/need to wash drawers)
  • deep clean kitchen
  • LAUNDRY like a mofo
  • work on my June Currently post    POSTED JUNE CURRENTLY
  • get up-to-date on bookkeeping
  • transplant succulent from the front yard into a container on the deck
  • yoga if I can  (I NEEDED IT and IT WAS AWESOME)
  • schedule a date night (didn’t/sighhhhh)
  • do a drawing class online with Cooper   (I’ll share more soon!)
  • Cooper haircut  (couldn’t/poison oak)
  • move files over to hard drive/ delete photos a LOT of photos from phone
  • work on house cleaning list (spent a lot of time cleaning/organizing linen closet)
  • eat outside as much as possible
  • catch up on letter writing (I have so many international ones to do!)
  • be mindful of what I’m eating – perhaps see how many days I can track my food? (I use MyFitnessPal on my phone) 

What about you?

What are you up to this week?

Let’s see what you’ve got planned!

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  • Sina

    Hi Tracy,
    so sorry for Cooper – hope he feels better soon and you can all enjoy the 4th and some fireworks!

    My intentions:
    weekly meal plan and prep (made granola and zucchini bread yesterday)
    finish 2 projects for work
    catch up on insurances and finance stuff (ughhh!)
    birthday gifts & cards x3
    letter to my mum
    donate items to thrift store
    see dentist (I have an appointment this week for me and my two kids: we always go together, makes things so much easier because the kids feel much more comfortable when they see me going first… and I have a reason to schedule appointments regularly because I’m a responsible mum 😉 – win-win)

  • Paula

    Whenever I am procrastinating I set a reminder in my phone and set it so that it will remind me until I get it done. Also put the number for the doctor and the dentist on a post it and stick it somewhere you will be looking a lot. I like to put mine on my fridge or my bathroom mirror. That way I do not have time to forget and I can easily get out my phone and dial away.

    Also treat yourself! After you have booked the appointments and gone to them go for a fancy coffee, go for lunch with a friend, visit a store that is a guilty pleasure (my vote is for Sephora or a really great bookstore). Whatever you need to do to motivate yourself. You got this!

  • Anna

    Tracy! I loved your organization instas over the weekend and the wine rack is amazing!

    My intentions for the week:
    -schedule oil change (just got off the phone with the dealership)
    -bake my treat for tonight’s bonfire/grill out at my dad’s.
    -continue my organizing binge (I cleaned out my nail polish/semi re-organized my desk yesterday, I need to keep that going!)
    -figure out our summer tax bill (left a message for our loan officer)
    -lift ~2x this week, hopefully 3x.
    -go for a bike ride around the neighborhood with my husband
    -keep going with being mindful re: what I eat/intermittent fasting
    -schedule a haircut for myself

    Happy 4th of July!

    • Tracy

      oooh what’s your treat?
      good luck with your week! it sounds PRODUCTIVE!!!

  • Caitlin Wallace

    When I am putting off scheduling dental cleanings or other basic health maintenance, I remind myself that I have already paid for it as part of my insurance. I am WASTING money by not scheduling the appointment. That usually does the trick.


    • Tracy

      You’re right. I think about this too but then my brain gets hung up on the fact that we PAY SO MUCH FOR INSURANCE and then I have to pay a high copay to see my doctors and I need new glasses and I don’t have a vision plan right now and AHHHHHHHHHH.
      I need to change the loop and just do it 🙂

  • Scarlett

    Poor Cooper. 🙁 I hope he feels better soon! Do you feel better (mentally, more than physically) eating a more restrictive diet like the Whole30 or counting calories when it comes to managing food? I can’t quite figure it out for myself, but I know I need something or else I go overboard!

    • Tracy

      It’s such a different experience.
      My brain doesn’t try to cheat the system, like it did with Whole30.
      There were a few moments when I ate waaaaaay too much on Whole30 because certain foods were “allowed.” My brain always tries to find loopholes and that gets me in trouble.

      Sometimes it’s like…ehhh. I don’t feel like entering food in, so I won’t eat it. Which is kind of a new feeling for me. Either way, eating mindfully is work for me. But it’s work that pays off.

  • Rachel

    I can totally relate to the dentist thing! I hate going and I finally realized that the longer I put it off, the more bad stuff they would discover. I went in for the whole thing and it wasn’t too bad.

    I am loving you re-design of the mobile site by the way!

    • Tracy

      Thanks, Rachel!! It’s still a little buggy, but I’m working through it 🙂

  • Jamie

    Okay, my big man and little man are going camping as of Wednesday and I want to get stuff done at home without distraction but have to remember I still work a full time job so… This week I intend to…

    – Meditate every day because it feels so gooooood (OM)
    – Clean out the fridge. Hardcore. Yes, all the mystery jars in the back.
    – Hang my jewelry (still. sheesh!)
    – catch up on random laundry and clean the laundry room.
    – NOT veg on the couch with a book, some popcorn, a couple sleeping dogs and bad TV every night. No way.

    = )

  • Nicole

    I, personally, cannot wait for the cheese board post! YESSSSS!!!

  • ann

    We use a sticky note on the fridge for meals this week — I make the plan and do shopping on the weekend, and then there are no questions about what we are having each night. I use these, which are pricey but easy!

  • fusilliamy

    This morning I signed back in to MyFitnessPal and plugged my FitBit in to charge. HA!! I had the same feelings about My Fitness Pal. Like do I really need to enter in every little scrap?! So what I tried today was enter in all my meals for the day in the morning. So for lunch when stressed out Amy only wanted a cheesy sandwich on this fancy rye bread she had to buy, MFP Amy was like girl, you already put in your salad deets and I know you don’t want to go back in and change all of that again. Hopefully I can stay on the plan ahead train. Now that I see your Intentions for the week, looks like I need to save some indulging points for a pizza cookie sitch! Hope you’re having a good week 🙂

  • Pat

    For the dentist/annual exam thing, tell yourself that you can always change or cancel the appointments later and just get them on your calendar. If you really have to make a change, you can do it up to a few days beforehand, but once you’ve made the appointments, you’ll most likely go through with them. You want the inertia thing to work in favor of you continuing with the planned visits rather than with procrastinating on making appointments. (This has worked for me in the past, but I can’t claim to be perfect at keeping on top of it all.)

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