Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake

makes enough for 8 servings

(recipe from Magnolia Bakery Cookbook)

-4 cups heavy whipping cream
-3 tablespoons sugar
-1 tablespoon vanilla extract
-1 1/2 packages Nabisco chocolate wafers

1. Whip Cream: In a large bowl, whip the heavy whipping cream with the sugar & vanilla extract until soft peaks form. Make sure to not over beat!

2. Start assembling the cake: On a flat plate (at least 9 inches in diameter) arrange seven wafers, with one in the center and the remaining 6 surrounding. Scoop about 3/4 cup of whipped cream onto wafers and gently spread the cream in a thin layer to completely coat the cookies.

3. Finish & Refrigerate: Continue to layer the wafers with the cream, making sure to end with the whipped cream layer on the top. Refrigerate for at least 5 hours or overnight before cutting & serving.

I topped mine with strawberries to make it look extra special. It helps mask all the drippies.

***BTW-This was soooo good. I can’t believe I’ve never tried this before. I made this for a family BBQ on Sunday. Everyone seemed skeptical about the cookies…but one bite erased all doubt. Think cookies & cream ice cream…but creamier…and less cold! I can’t wait to experiment with different flavors. Lemme know what you think and what you come up with!! ***