October 13, 2010

#13. Get my drink on with Joy

Remember my 31 comes before 32 list?

#13 has been completed!

This past weekend I got to hang out with my good pal,  Joy!

We spent the day together with our good friend Whitney at the BlogHer Food Conference in San Francisco learning some cool stuff and talking to a few peeps.

After watching  Food Styling Gurus Delores Custer, Adam Pearson & Tami Hardeman in our first session we deliberated at the hotel bar. This is a habit of ours. We were just celebrating the anniversary of first meeting Joy at last year’s BlogHer Food!

We got some spicy Blood Marys! 888 is my lucky number! It happens to be the address of the InterContinental Hotel, where we stayed. FATE!

We also realized that all 3 of us have Yellow Wallets. How cool is that?

We talked about bikes, bike accidents, TV shows, cookbooks, shoe fetishes, bad dates, and food photography…

There was also a beer involved, some truffle fries, short ribs (not fatty) and Vietnamese pork sandwiches on the most buttery brioche rolls! Nom.

Next we watched an amazing presentation by photographer Penny De Los Santos.  I saw her speak in Seattle at IFBC and loved her soo much that I saw her again. She killed it. Everyone loved her. Her work is amazing and as Joy says, “She’s got that sparkle!”  It’s true. She does.

We watched a brilliant discussion with Shauna James Ahern from Gluten Free Girl, Michael Ruhlman & Molly Wizenberg.  It made me want to do fist pumps & slow claps. It also made me want to  smack the girl in front of me who kept looking at wedding dresses and her Facebook page on her laptop.  Seriously? You are rude.  Grrrr.

There was also a weird incident in the elevator at the hotel. I’ll leave it at that.

Later we went to an after party hosted by Ree, Jaden & Elise at the California Culinary Academy. The swag bag was Ah-mazing.  I told Elise that she has a great voice and discussed mason jars with Ree.

Check out my Joker face!

I spent a good chunk of time talking at to people about Astrology (a huge hobby of mine). I seriously cannot help myself when I’m spirited. There was a female bartender who kept my glass more than half full…I guess my compliment on her cute glasses worked!

I got to hug Shauna multiple times! We talked briefly about the F-word.  I  fetched her a signature bacon drink that was pretty gross (Sorry Shauna!)  She takes my breath away with her charisma. I love her and you will too if you get a chance to meet her! I hope to one day visit her in Seattle and make a picture of our kids playing together.

After the party, I shared a midnight meal with Joy & Maggy from ThreeManyCooks (who is absolutely lovely BTW!). We talked about kids, husbands, food & families.  Pretty deep stuff…but when you’re eating truffle fries and macaroni & cheese with pancetta to soak up red wine in your belly,  it’s a given.

I came home the next day after such a wild ride and made myself some soup to center myself and cure a hangover. Saturday was awesome and my head is still spinning with delight!  Food blog conferences are both terrifying & exciting!  I can’t wait for the next one!

A big thanks to Joy. You rock. You are awesome and I’m so glad you don’t snore 🙂

Now…what’s next on my list?

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