Another bucket of summer squash was set outside our front door a few days ago!! My neighbor is going crazy with this summer squash business! After making the risotto the other night, I needed to make something simple and uncomplicated (aka-I just got home from work and don’t feel like cooking!) So here’s what happened: I sauteed zucchini & summer squash in a pan with onions & thyme. I browned them a bit and added garlic at the very end (so it wouldn’t burn). It all went on a lovely plate and was topped with crumbles of goat cheese. We made a main course out of it with some yummy toasted french bread.  The goat cheese crumbles melted on top of the squash; adding a scrumptious creamy/tangy element to the dish!

Feel free to substitute the goat cheese for feta or Parmesan. I’ve been on a great goat cheese binge lately, haven’t I? Sorry!  If you aren’t into cheese, the squash is fine without it!! It would make any vegan happy. Thank you Ann for the best summer squash I’ve tasted!  I’ll will let you know when we’ve had enough! At this rate, it could be soon!
Look at those beauties!

Shhhh! Cooking in progress…



Summer Squash with Goat Cheese

Heat the olive oil in a pan on medium high heat. Add the onions and cook for a few minutes. Add the cut zucchini & summer squash. Stir occasionally. When the squash starts to brown, lower the heat and add the minced garlic cloves. Cook for another 2 minutes. Finish in the pan with a pad butter and stir evenly. Plate the squash on your serving platter and crumble goat cheese on top. Salt & pepper are welcome too!