Every cloud has a silver lining. I taught my German friend the meaning of that idiom the other day while we were hanging out in the parking lot at preschool. I think we were commiserating over living with an active 3 year old!

I’ve been sick for over three weeks. I’m on the mend, but man was it was rough! After finally caving in and going to the doctor, I found out I have bronchitis. Yikes. As miserable as it was, I found a silver lining to being sick. I finally gave myself permission to slow down and the dire need for hot toddies spawned a new toddy recipe! The silver lining of this bronchitis cloud was most definitely made of hot gin toddies.

So what does a gin toddy taste like? It’s kind of like a gin & ginger ale but all wintry! I liken it to a bright yellow polka dot raincoat. It will remind you of summer, but somehow it’s appropriate for the cold weather outside.

And we’re off!

Gin & Honey!

Mug, ginger tea bag, lemon slices.

HOT WATER! Steeping tea bag.

Tea Bag Wisdom:

Gin & honey stirred in. A lemon slice on top.

It works like a charm!

Gin Toddy

makes 1 drink

Steep tea in hot water, add honey& gin. Stir well and top with a slice of lemon.