August 7, 2015

I love lists Friday!


Welcome to I Love Lists Friday!  Let’s surf the internet together today.

  1. This older building in Tokyo is so cool.
  2. When I’m Gone. Such a good read.
  3. Photos from all around the world. July 2015.
  4. I heart back to school supplies. You may already know this.
  5. What a cool studio.
  6. For those of you who love feet as self portrait shots.
  7. Food Dishes Flying Through the Air! SO COOL.
  8. What Makes a Woman? This article was thought provoking.
  9. Loved reading this article on Dooce/quitting blogging.
  10. My new favorite scent.
  11. This quick jam looks so damn fine.
  12. Hmmm. This might be me….
  13. The third one from the last is my current computer wallpaper.
  14. I wonder what it’s like to be born in the streets of NYC.
  15. This dress is so pretty.
  16. This cake + spoon = Tracy huddled in the corner… not sharing.
  17. 104 Happy Moments in Life We Need to Appreciate More. YESSSSS
  18. Such a clever/cool project to do with a kid.
  19. Why We Need Older Women in the Work Place.
  20. Summer Bucket List Item: Fish Tacos
  21. Beautiful paper art.
  22. I totally needed this post this week.



I wrote a couple of guides on Ebay this week:

I also put together a couple of collections:


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