November 1, 2007

why i love trader joes:

So, I’ve decided to do the Nablopomo thing this year. Why? Who knows….. I think I’m up for the challenge. It might be annoying but we’ll see. If I can do this, then maybe I can lose that extra 10lbs I’ve gained since I’ve been married. I have discipline, I swear.

I digress…..In the next month I will uncover why I love Trader Joes. If you don’t have a Trader Joes in your area, I’m soooooo sorry. Write them and demand that you get one! Put it on your Christmas list maybe?? If you do have one, hopefully you will be inspired to purchase all my favorite things there. Or maybe you have a few things that you would like me to try? The fact is, you are either a TJ’s lover or a hater. Most of the hatred comes from waiting in long lines. I totally understand. I’ve been there. You just have to pick the right time of week to go, and all will be right with the world. I promise.
So in the next month you will see:

-key ingredients that make up tasty/easy dishes

-good snacky items that i love

-how to whip together a simple/easy appetizer spread for a party

-how to satisfy a spouse with a serious sweet tooth through

-tips & tricks to use while shopping at a Trader Joes

-how wonderful it is to get 4 bags of groceries and pay less than $100 for it!!

So Let’s Begin!

Favorite Item #1 :

Dark Chocolate Almonds (made with Belgian Chocolate & sprinkled with Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar)

tj's dark chocolate almonds with sea salt & turbinado sugar

These almonds are sooo wonderful. Trader Joe’s finds the perfect balance between salty & sweet. You will be amazed that this came from Trader Joes. You’d think that Jacques Torres started his own TJ’s brand…

While we were on vacation recently, I accidentally left a tub of them on my coffee table. My neighbors who were watching our cats tried sneaking an almond here or there between visits (both mother & daughter didn’t realize each other were doing it!) They ended up eating the entire tub while I was gone! Shame shame shame!!! I would have been been more mad about the situation if I did not understand the compulsion/addiction myself. They apologized profusely & replaced the tub they devoured.


***WARNING*** These almonds can be hard to find. When you do, snatch up a tub or two. It’s worth it! Just make sure you don’t leave them lying around on a coffee table. You never know what might happen!


  • wootowl

    oh my goodness i hope my tj has a tub for me when i go tomorrow! i can’t wait to see what you come up with this month bebe! i love you more than almonds and frenchtoastmaking!

  • Tracy

    I think they are 100% vegan too. Watch out woot! Addiction. I love you more than cupcakes!

  • Melisser

    Oooh, yummy!! As long as they don’t use Ghirardelli semi-sweet, they should be vegan!

  • Tracy

    nope! no ghiradelli. it’s beligan. eat up vegan friends!

  • casacaudill

    two new TJs just opened up in our general area – went to the closest one today and loved that it wasn’t as cramped as some of the older stores. of course, spent way too much money on foodstuffs for the next week or two, including the pre-packaged, pre-peeled garlic.

  • elarael

    I should think a package of chocolate almonds from TJ would be the least one could do for neighbors who cat sat for you! Leaving them on the table was the right thing to do!

  • Tracy

    don’t worry elarael- I gave them a whole lot more than just the chocolate almonds! They took care of my babies after all!

  • Alex

    TJs dark chocolatey things are usually vegan (I always read the label to check though.) That means I end up eating lots of chocolate covered pretzels. I always go there to save money on bread and flour and stuff, but then I end up spending more than I meant to on the snacky things like soy ice cream and biscoff cookies. Oops…..

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