February 3, 2010

A sweet 16 months

Cooper turned 16 months old yesterday.

A sweet 16…although he was Mr. Grumps.  All 4 canines are coming in at once.

The words he says:

Car, dada, shoes, ball, hat, cat, cracker, please, pretty, cracker, bread, dis & dat (this and that)

They don’t sound exactly how they are supposed to…we still find it super adorable.

He has said mama a few times…but prefers to call  both Casey and I “dada.”

lil heartbreaker

He LOOOVES watching cars outside.  Seeing the garbage truck makes his day.

watching cars pass

He has become a little master at the playground.  He walks around like he owns the place!

head first

Diving head first down the slide. Eep!  He has no fear. Absolutely none. A thrill junkie from birth.

down the slide

He is so happy watching other kids. He loves people.  He loves being free.

running along

We have fun together on our walks….and at the park.

to the park with my boy

He LOVES crackers. “Cah cah cah cah” is what he says when he sees them.

oh coops!

He has about 16 teeth now…it’s CRAZY.  He’s a great eater, but still loves carbs BEST.

those teeth!

His long lashes kill me.  Why do boys always have the longest lashes? It’s not fair.

i want those eyelashes

He runs around the house chasing the cats, who are still terrified of him.

running after kitties

He likes checking himself out in the mirror. He’s always impressed!  He loves dancing & enjoys a good beat.

checking out his muscles

He’s climbs up & on everything.

climbing in

half way in


And reaches above to grab at things….

unloading groceries

grabby grab

He is our sweet boy. Who never NEVER stops moving.

my lil peach

16 months has gone by too fast.  But I am enjoying his growth.

today's favorite toy

He’s becoming a little man.

Our little man 🙂

  • gina

    adorable! i especially love the one with him looking at his reflection 🙂

  • vegantickles

    What a cutie pie!!! He brings a smile to my face. ADORABLE!!!

  • erinlucy

    so sweet! i love the ones of him in the laundry basket and the one where he’s checkin’ himself out is super cute. looking at these pictures i can totally imagine him scooting around, he is adorable!

  • Michelle

    Aww. He’s a beautiful. I miss those days… they go by too fast.

  • I'Ching

    He is SO adorable! My son turns one in a week’s time and I’m still astounded as to how much he has grown and how rapidly he’s growing!

  • jodi

    Thank you for sharing. He’s lovely. really really. <3

  • erin e woot

    *sniff* What a lovely collection, prettie. He says prettie!!! I can’t wait to see him again, I’m dying up here! xoxo

  • Amanda

    they grow so fast!!! He is absolutely adorable. I literally want to pinch his cheeks off!!

  • P

    My daughter is a few months older than Cooper and she calls my husband “Daddy” and calls me “Cookie”. It’s an adorable mystery.
    Cooper is too cute!

  • Jessica Craig

    such a great testimonial to your lil man. when he is giving you grief in about 15 years, you should re-read this. love you both! xxoo

  • Tracy

    thank you everyone! i am so glad i can share my journey with you! I have to type this stuff out because I haven’t been good about keeping track of what he’s doing at each stage! I am so unorganized at this point! :)xoxoxoxo

  • kat

    aw, what a beautiful child!! i love all these snapshots of him, he’s one happy baby!

  • Dana

    Tracy – this brought tears to me eyes. My little guy just turned 3 and, while he is SO fun right now, I still think that 12-18 month span is my favorite. Such chub! Such personality. You are in trouble with that one! He is so sweet and your photos captured him perfectly. I so hope our little men get to meet someday soon. Oh yes, and both my boys have ridiculously long eyelashes. Grrr.

  • Tracy

    Thank you dana! your post the other day for Spencer’s bday was soo fun! I loved his chubby bumbo!! I really hope they get to meet one day too! are you going to blogher?

  • Angela

    Tracy, I really love your site. I can really relate to you and what you chat about- thanks for putting it out there. Also, I too have a sweet little man, his name is Elliott and is just about to turn 4. Wow! Time really does fly- anyway, I thought I would pass along something that helped Elliott with his numbers when he was about the same age. Thomas the Tank Engine. You might have already figured it out, but my husband Lars and I realized that each engine has a different number and color, so by two he could count to ten by recognizing his favorites. Thomas #1, Edward #2, etc. So if you haven’t found this out yet- I hope it helps. I do recommend you investing in the wooden trains though. They are pretty sturdy, and you can buy tracks @ Ikea & Target brand- that will work with the trains. Best wishes!

  • Whitney Schmidt

    Randomly coming across this post 8! years later is crazy. Its almost hard to see present day Cooper is his little face but it is there. So adorable. I have a 2 year old and it is crazy to think about what he will look like 8 years from now.

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