The Blue Chair Giveaway!

Friends!  Remember how I took that Jam Making 101 class from Rachel Saunders at Blue Chair Fruit a few weeks ago? Well, I picked up some  goodies for a lucky reader! Someone will get a copy of the Blue Chair Cookbook and 2 DELICIOUS marmalades…

Let’s take a second to talk about this cookbook!! IT’S GORGEOUS!!! It’s inspiring and I LOVE IT.

blue chair cookbook giveaway!

Here’s a favorite page!

i love her ring

Oooh and look at this one!


Look at those cute tippy toes! Red shoes! Swoon!

look at those tippy toes!

The winner will get a jar of of the Blue Chair’s Lemon & Pink Grapefruit Marmalade

(Rachel says she could eat this one EVERY DAY!) You be the judge!



You’ll get the Early Peach Marmalade as seen in my Walnut Shortbread post! It tastes JUST like summer.

heck yes

Want to win? Leave a comment answering:


A winner will be picked at random a week from today! Good luck!

  • Nick Q.

    Kinda my answer to my favorite food for any season but: Avocado.
    Avocado ice cream, avocado toast, avocado with salt…

  • Kate

    toasted tomato sandwiches, without a doubt. with just some mayo, salt and pepper. maybe some basil.

  • Will

    Peaches I’ve just picked off the tree, that you can just bite right into as they explode with summery juiciness.

  • Laurel

    Watermelon. I eat it until it hurts. I love it.

  • Vanessa

    Hmmm……It’s a toss up between corn or tomatoes. Both are SO good this time of year. 🙂 Looks like a great book!

  • Kate

    Oh awesome! I’ve been really wanting to dabble in preserves and would love to win this.

    My favorite summer food is heirloom tomatoes, specifically heirloom caprese, or bumbercrop salad with heirloom tomatoes. I just can’t get enough!

  • Lauren Cullen

    o goodness… so many choices! I do though very much like a yummy Kabob during those summer evenings with a grilled salad!!!!!!

  • christine

    watermelon! yay!

  • Clare @ Clare Cooks!

    Tomatoes! Any way, shape, form. It’s a bit ridiculous how many things you can do with a tomato and they are just so refreshing during the summer.

  • Christina

    My favorite summer food is/are homegrown tomatoes. I love them so much that now I grow my own. I look forward to the summer for many reasons, but a big one is fresh, homegrown tomatoes!

  • Mrs. Scott

    My favourite summer food is Ohio sweet corn with lots of salt and butter!

  • Becky Back

    Jicama Salad so light crisp and refreshing. Perfect for summer!

  • Michael

    i like the homemade peach ice cream my wife makes so much i eat it even though it gives me a headache!

  • melissa

    fresh fruit pie – any kind of fruit. i’m a summer fruit junkie so anything that incorporates is my bff.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m going to have to go with popsicles. I received two sets of popsicle molds for Christmas and while winter popsicles are great, I’m looking forward to making summer popsicles with summer fruits and juices!

    P.S I just discovered that Popsicle is a brand name. I guess i should say “ice pops”.

  • Anne


  • Kerry

    I’ve always wanted to try making my own jam, but I didn’t know where to start. This book looks wonderful! My favorite summer food would have to be corn on the cob, or tomatoes – especially sungold – they’re the best!

  • gretchen

    toss up between (seeded!) Hermiston watermelon and vine ripe tomatoes…

  • April

    Summer squash!!!!!!!! Figs!!!!!!!! Tomatoes!!!!!!!!

  • Megan Gordon

    Ohhh, what a treat! I’m going to go with a really, really perfectly ripe peach or apricot (or figs or heirloom tomatoes). xoxox!

  • cathy

    My favorite food for the summer is fish or shrimp ceviche made with lemons, finely cut carrots, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, jalapeño on a tostada or Green Jalapeño ceviche made with limes, fresh jalapeño, onions and cilantro all topped off with El Tapatio hot sauce … I love to eat this with a nice agua fresca made of watermelons or melons on ice 😛

  • Joy

    Fruit ice cream, hands down! I’m all for cooling down. That and homemade margarita. Hello, summer!

  • missy

    the past few years it has been blueberry pie. i think growing up it was strawberries.

  • erin

    Hey, those jars look amazing! I love the labels. Favourite summer food: cherries. Ah-mazing.

  • Kris

    Tomato sandwiches!

  • betsy

    Humm… that’s a hard question… Strawberries, black cherrys, watermelon, baby tomatos, ice cream, pineapple, honeydew… so many! I can’t just pick one! <3

  • Katie

    Berries and peaches, in any form. That grapefruit marmalade looks SO good!

  • jaclyn

    ooooh! those jams look amazing!

    of all the amazing summer foods, my favorite are summer berries! blueberries, raspberries, blackberries…you can’t go wrong, they’re all delightful!

  • Irene

    I can’t make up my mind: a ripe peach just picked from the tree or a big slice of water melon!

  • arabella


  • Autumn

    It’s a tie between watermelon and a simple tomato sandwich!!

  • Debbie

    Blueberry Scones, Fresh Mozzarella, basil and tomatoes, Gelatos and mango desserts of all kinds.

  • Susie Voros

    Gelato is my favorite summer food…. does that even count as a summer food hmmm. I guess it’s not summer specific, but I eat a lot of it in the summer. So summer food it is.

  • Jori

    Poppyseed pasta salad. Love your podcast!

  • Veronica

    Ice Creams…any kind….mmmm…well, I eat ice cream even in winter but they tasted like summer, always!!!

  • jen pack

    i love fresh picked raspberries and can hardly wait til we get some in the plants in our backyard. really, picking anything fresh from the garden makes me way happy 🙂

  • Amy

    Mine is tomatoes and then strawberries I would say!!!

  • Lis W.

    My favorite summertime food is strawberries! When I was little I would be in the strawberry patch all day long!

  • Karen

    Strawberries and watermelon! And deep fried cheese curds at the state fair!!

  • Laura

    Mmmmmm. Looks SO good! I would have to say my fave summer food is cucumber anything. I can’t wait to try my unskilled hand at a chilled cucumber soup this year. I also want to find a good gazpacho recipe…. (also: Loving the podcast!)

  • Iris R.

    Avocados. Hands down. I could have avocado in and on anything all summer long.

  • emily

    Home grown tomatoes!! totally.

  • Alex H.

    I’ve recently gotten into baking and cooking and Shutterbean has been my inspirational fount! Thank you for all of the wonderful posts and please know that I definitely try them at home.
    My favorite summer food is a salad that I made up yesterday, actually. It requires:
    1 handful of tortilla chips
    1 handful of baby spinach leaves
    1 1/2 spoonfuls of feta cheese
    A sprinkling of mozzarella cheese
    2 diced strawberries

    You break up the tortilla chips into smaller pieces and put them into a bowl, then lay spinach leaves on top and sprinkle the feta and mozzarella cheeses. Lastly, slice thin layers of strawberries on top and there you have a refreshing summer salad. It’s salty and sweet and completely delicious.
    It might sound unorthodox but I’m a firm believer that you should never knock anything until you try it!

    Bon appetit!

  • Andrea

    Watermelon!! Cold sweet watermelon :).

  • Amanda

    Corn on the cob and popsicles! But not together…

  • Aubrey

    I know it’s not a food so much as a dish, but definitely a caprese salad. Summer on a plate.

  • Lindsay

    Watermelon for sure!

  • Theresa

    A juicy yellow peach, because they never taste as good as they do during the summer.

  • Ivana

    It has got to be a big juicy watermelon. It sums up my childhood summers. Watermelon sitting in the bath cooling down, then trays of watermelon slices handed out to everyone.

  • Paula

    what a question! one of my milion favourite summer foodies is watermelon, directly opened and eated on the beach soooo fressh. others are spanish gazpacho and grilled sardines with garlic and parsley… I can spend the hole day reciting my favourite foodies, so better stop here!

  • Katrina

    This is a wonderful idea! My favorite summer food is fresh fruit. Yum!

  • Kaila

    Ooooh, this is tough. I would have to say either fresh tomatoes or corn on the cob. Either of these two completely brighten my day, and nothing says “summer” to me more than a grilled corn on the cob or a BLT(perhaps with avocado added or maybe a fried egg!) with a fresh garden tomato.

  • Violet

    advocado salad with mango and a margarita!

  • Cojootromuelle

    I think my favourite summer food is salmorejo (salmorejo is very similar to gazpacho but simpler) with perfect hard boiled eggs and diced iberian ham. And for dessert cherries!! 😀

  • Shanice

    OOo This Is Such A Great Giveaway…
    It’ll Have To Be Strawberries&Grapes With A Cold Glass Of Strawberry Milkshake >..< <3

  • Meg

    Tomatoes from the garden. Can’t be beat!

  • Felicity

    My favorite Summer food is strawberries.

  • Sarah

    I love all of the fresh fruit!

  • Rosie

    Dry farmed tomatoes. They’re amazing.

  • Lauren

    Peaches, peaches, peaches. Plain, with yogurt, in ice cream, in cobbler, in pie, in jam- always delicious!

  • Heather in Ohio

    I love all of the local corn on the cob that shows up in the supermarkets! I could eat it every day. YUMMY!

  • Betsy

    Hand-picked fruit.

  • Keri

    I love grilled fruit!

  • NicoleD

    I love all of summer’s produce, don’t make me pick just one! I’m hoping to get into making popsicles this summer. The cookbook and jam looks amazing!

  • mandy faught

    watermelon!!! yummmmm!!!

  • Susanne

    Anything with tomatoes from the garden. I can’t wait!

  • Dorothy

    My favorite summer food is all of the fruit that starts pouring in: blueberries, raspberries, peaches, plums, all the melons… The list goes on and on. I love it all.

  • Laura

    My favorite summer food is fresh peaches with a close second being ratatouille made with garden veggies.

  • Dee

    This is a tough question! Fresh peas, radishes, rainbow chard, and strawberries are all high on my list. The book looks lovely and the jams look delish!

  • Laura

    Homemade lemonade. Corn on the cob. Blueberry pie. Summer berry tart. …. ahhhh!

  • Lisa

    I love home grown tomatoes!

  • Amy

    Fresh bicolor corn slathered in butter and pepper. yummmm!

  • Erin

    I am all about fresh fruit in the summer – our favorite thing is to mix and match with different proteins and to make kabobs for the grill. So fresh & also healthy!

  • Monica

    ummm . .. . there are sooo many delish summer goodies! but if i had to pick one it would be . . .fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella with balsamic!!! yum yum yum!!! i heart summer!!!!

  • molly

    tomatoes with fresh basil, and blueberry pie

  • Mary Mihaha

    Fresh strawberries from a pick your own place. Yum.

  • Lindsay-Jean

    heirloom tomatoes with a sprinkle of salt!

  • Erin Louise

    hmm…so many…either homegrown tomatoes…or a lemon-berry trifle with fresh strawberries…making me drool thinking about it 🙂

  • Wilma

    Fresh heirloom tomatoes and basil from the garden and ripe concord grapes. Yummy!

  • Jenny

    Hmm, my favorite summer food would have to be mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cone. It’s so cooling and refreshing, I can’t get enough of it.

  • Ginny

    has to be watermelon, hands down. there’s nothing better than a cold, sweet, ripe watermelon on a hot day.

  • Sarah W.

    fresh fruits & veggies from the OK CoOp! grilled anything (tofu, chicken, corn on the cob!). fresh salsa! plump, fresh strawberries!

  • Lindsey

    I love all of the fresh fruits and veggies that are available during the summer… especially the strawberries 🙂 mmmmm

  • Jessica

    Tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes! It’s almost the time of year when lovely hued tomatoes need nothing but a shake of salt and it’s the most perfect seasonal flavor out there.

  • Melinda

    I love all the berries and hot peppers fresh out of the garden!

  • Johanna

    I love/can’t get enough fresh, local strawberries. It’s a love affair from my youth and it carries on! 🙂

  • Sarah K.

    Oh man, summer food is the best! There is no way I can pick one, but I’d have to say tomatoes or sweet corn 😉

  • Jessica

    A bowl of cereal. Because it’s fast, cold and easy and I can eat it on my patio if I want. 😀

  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    The cookbook looks fantastic. Jam is the best… I could eat it right out of the jar (oops did I just say that.)

  • Beth

    My favorite summer food is tomatoes – red, green striped, yellow, purple, orange. I really love all the heirloom tomatoes!

  • Canarysplash

    My favorite summer food is melon and berries! Watermelon, Cantaloupe, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherryberries lol. I was on a roll and made up a new word! Works for me. 🙂 Love your blog by the way and your pictures make my mouth water. Cooper is adorable also, handsome little boy. God bless.

  • adrienne

    Tomatoes straight from the vine, raspberries, strawberries, and zucchini! Oh man, I could go on forever about summer produce.

  • jenn geibel

    just one? hmmm…..that’s hard….i think a fresh salad straight from the garden….or watermelon…….or peaches…..or icecream…..yeah…i can’t pick just one

  • eileen

    Mine would be watermelon! Only luck is picking the right one.. so far the ones from Trader Joe’s has been that puree, soggy, mush.

  • Tori

    Tomatoes! Or strawberries…. I couldn’t possibly pick between the two. Besides, they’re seasons bookend summer so nicely. Also, I’ve just started following your blog since I’ve been listening to yours and Joy the Baker’s podcasts. You guys are hilarious, and I love it! I also now love your blog.

  • jung

    Would love, love, LOVE this! I’m in a jam rut because I keep buying fruits on sale… only to have no one eat them, forcing myself to either freeze or quickly make ‘makeshift’ jam hours before molding.

    My favourite summer food would have to be some good apples, cold Korean noodles and ripe watermelon!

  • Magnolia


  • Aleid

    My favourite summer food would be some kind of berries upside-down cake: lets all those berries get mushed up and juiced up and perfectly-paired with some pillowy sponge cake. Dollop of clotted cream/ vanilla ice cream non-negotiable.

  • Jane M

    Savory = Tomatoes, onions basil

    Sweet = Peach cobbler

    AAAAAAAAAAAAH! glad you’re enjoying your fridge!

  • Danielle

    My favorite summer food has to be fresh fruit and veggies from the garden! Not to mention a nice cold beer to enjoy outside!

  • Magnolia

    YELLOW corn! not white corn… YELLOW. I say this because I have not had yellow corn in over ten years… yikes, I’m out to get some now.

  • cindy

    that book is gorgeous! my fave summer foods are definitely stone fruits, berries, and…hot dogs over the camp fire.

  • adelaide

    smoothies! i’ve been on an absolute smoothie binge!

  • michella

    cherries! a bowl of them. so fresh and yum.

  • Michelle

    What a beautiful cookbook! If I were to pick one thing I could eat all summer it would be fresh cold fruit. Not really a single fruit, just seasonal fresh fruit. Mmmmm!

  • Lucy

    bad junkfood… hot dogs with coleslaw on top, peach lemonade, pretzels, my weight in ice cream…

  • Mary

    This is maybe a little gross, but hot dogs. Definitely hot dogs- nothing says summer like a good hot dog!

  • Leiah Lauber

    I love cold, fresh salads with lots of fruit and veggies! So light and yummy for summer. BUT I also can never resist a good bbq with cheeseburgers, chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, and watermelon!!


    the weather doesn’t change much so neither does my taste buds… but i definitely appreciate in season peaches, pineapples, watermelon!

  • Melissa S.

    Snow Cones! Does that even count?

  • Lisa H.

    I love nectarines. Also cherries. And watermellon.

  • Shawna Greenway

    Peaches!!!!! I love sitting in the back yard eating them with the kids and then hosing them off afterwards.

  • Rachel

    That’s such a tough question! Most of my favorite foods are summer foods, but I’ll have to go with tomatoes.

  • Sarah

    Fresh strawberry shortcake. I remember the days of making strawberry jam then I discovered how easy raspberry jam is. Yum.

  • Samantha

    My favorite summer food? First thing that comes to mind if watermelon…and then Rita’s Italian Ice with custard. Is that a food? Does that count? Because I could go for some right now.

  • Mallory

    My favorite would have to be melon – any kind! Or blueberries. Maybe just a fresh fruit salad! Have a great day!

  • carrie

    Definitely honeydew melon. Yum!

  • Johanna

    Caprese salad–fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil (fresh fresh fresh!), olive oil, sea salt, and the good balsamic my roommate brought back from Italy.

  • Cindy B.

    My favorite summertime treat is Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with the homemade graham cracker crust crumble on top of it.

  • Tiffany

    Fresh, beautiful gorgeous pineapples, infused with some ice cold slices of watermelon!

  • Emily D.

    My favorite summer food is without a doubt tomatoes. I live in New Jersey, so I wait all year for the perfect tomatoes to munch on all summer long.

  • ktlovespie

    Strawberries! There’s a farm near where I live that does “U-pick”. Nothing is better.

  • Emilia

    Fresh corn on the cob smothered in butter!

  • caroline

    Mine is HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!!!!

  • Kim

    Favorite Summer food…….that is a tough one!! Heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn, fruity cocktails……….they are all fabulous!

  • kate

    Corn on the cob, a little bit of lime juice, chili powder. Perfect summer treat.

  • Amanda

    By far my favorite summer food is watermelon 🙂

  • Erin

    There are too many to pick from…but i’ll narrow it down to BBQ’d corn and watermelon. YUM!

  • Danni

    Hmmm, this is such a toughie!! I guess the food I always go back to, in times of happiness, sorrow, or down right greed is pasta. Mmmmmm carbs. Tossed in a light sauce with plenty of veg and a ton of garlic. Yum. x

  • Kelly

    So many good summer foods to choose from, but heirloom tomoato salad is something I always crave in the summer, so colorful and fresh, with some mozzarella and crusty bread. I stopped buying tomoatoes from the grocery store this year because they never taste good, so I can’t wait for my tomato plants to start fruiting and I can eat tomatoes again. Yum!!

  • Lisa

    Summer is fresh corn, ripe tomato, and just cut basil salad

  • Erin

    watermelon 🙂 i excel at watermelon eating contests

  • Abby

    My favorite summer food is lots and lots of fruit!

  • Heather

    tomatoes!!!!! lots of them!!!! add some mozz cheese and i have my favorite summer meal!

  • Sarah S

    Fresh corn on the cob slathered with butter.

  • Lauren

    my favourite summer food… anything grilled, i’d say. vegetables, meat, fruit… yum!

  • amina

    Watermelon. I love how sweet and juicy it is. It’s a thirst quencher. And if you don’t like a lot of sugary things (like myself) you can freeze pieces and you have instant popsicles… IT’s the best!!!! YUM!!!

  • carly

    white peaches, nectarines, plums… all stone fruit. preferably ripe and cold and eaten for breakfast while standing over the kitchen sink.

  • amina

    Watermelon. I love how sweet and juicy it is. It’s a thirst quencher. And if you don’t like a lot of sugary things (like myself) you can freeze pieces and you have instant popsicles… IT’s the best!!!! YUM!!!

  • RH

    Fresh sweet corn is definitely at the top of my list. So versatile!

  • Barb

    My favorite summer food is my father in law’s bbq chicken with some home grown tomatoes on fresh baked seedy bread with my lemony mayonnaise. So delicious and tastes like home!

  • cherie'

    Peaches!!!! I love to make peach cobbler using fresh peaches during the summer. And best of all, they are a great addition to my oh-so tasty sangria.

  • Gabby

    Definitely a fresh fruit salad; so yummy and refreshing!

  • Heather S

    My favorite summer food is a grilled chicken salad! Mmmm

  • Kate

    Meat cooked on the BBQ (grill) with corn on the cob and huge fresh salads. And strawberries and raspberries.

  • Julie

    Fresh Caprese Salad!

  • Britt

    anything with fresh sweet corn or basil!

  • Annette

    snap peas, straight from the vine….Ooooh yum.

  • Leah

    What a beautiful giveaway!! My favourite summer food is fresh strawberries, any way I can get them, plain jane, in salads, desserts, anything!
    When I was a little girl I developed an allergy to strawberries and had to go years without them! THE HORROR!!! But one day my Mom had me try some, little by little… and no more hives!!! It was one of the best days of my life 🙂
    Now I eat them whenever they are near, I’m even growing them this year, one just started to turn red, I cannot wait to take the first bite! Mmmm….. *love*

  • Lauren

    My favorite summer food is a slice of blueberry peach galette with a big scoop of butter pecan ice cream. Yum! Can’t wait for peach season.

  • Krafty Keely

    I love ice cream! I will eat it when it is freezing cold outside, but nothing beats eating ice cream in the beautiful sun trying to down it all before it turns into a big melty mess!

  • Rachel W.

    So cliched, but watermelon! It’s actually my all-time favorite food, not just during the summer. 🙂

  • Teresa

    Peaches and nectarines! Preferably sliced and diced, served over my grandma’s vanilla ice cream.

  • Gabrielle


  • Lauren

    My favourite summer food would be fruit. Just about any kind, in the heart of their season. Ooh, yes. Yum!

  • Dana Beth

    okra- soaked in buttermilk then fried. YUMMMM

  • jujubefamily_angie

    awesome! my favorite summer food is elementary school cafeteria style ground beef tacos! tacos with shredded cheese, tomatoes, sour cream equals summer for me! gotta be eaten with a soda pop.

  • Rae

    Zucchini! And thankfully, it’s always abundant.

  • helen

    So hard to pick just one, so I will say summer fruits..cherries & peaches & raspberries and many more!

  • Melissa

    Grilled squash and zucchini– all it needs is olive oil and a little kosher salt to make it SO good.

  • Stacee

    Grilled asparagus, oh my. Can never get enough…

  • Joelle

    Anything on the grill! I love bringing out the BBQ in the summer!

  • Lynn Carlson

    Hands down… My homemade peach pie with a cinnamon spiced crust! Yum!

  • Cyndi B

    I love some good backyard BBQ chicken, fresh sugar sweet watermelon and a good margarita!

    Love Rachel and the Blue Chair fruit co. After reading your post I recently recv’d an email from William Sonoma that she would be @ their Walnut Creek store for a demo… so I went last friday. She was adorable and very informative. I would love to take one of the classes. She sampled the blackberry & the early girl tomato – OMG, love it, I could put it on everything!!!

  • Laura

    Homemade granola with strawberries in greek yogurt!

  • wintor

    Oh my, definitely cantaloupe! I always buy several at a time and they’re my breakfast and lunch every day until I make myself sick. What a fantastic giveaway, thanks!

  • Jess

    Watermelon…without a doubt it’s the summer food I get the most excited about every year!

  • Jamie

    Watermelon. And I would love someone to seed it and cut it up for me. Because summer is nothing if not for indulgence.

  • Angharad

    I blogged about wanting that book a few months ago and then did nothing about it! I’d love it. Been wanting to make more jams/can for a while now. Yum.
    My favourite summer food has to be sweetcorn. Since moving to the Midwest I have a new-found adoration for its epic sweetness, especially when smothered with butter.

  • Ethan

    BBQ corn on the cob and fresh slurpy peaches

  • whitneybee

    Favorite summer food? Ice cream! Okay, I love it all year round, but I think it’s especially good when it’s warm out. Especially a nice lemon sorbet!

  • Katie

    Iowa sweet corn and watermelon!

  • Amanda Barkey

    anything thats fresh out of my moms garden… especially a salad of tender lettuces and freshly torn herbs with a buttermilk dill dressing. swoon.

  • Jennifer P.


  • Amanda

    If the devil on my shoulder is talking: vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles on a sugar cone. If the angel on my shoulder is talking: watermelon 🙂

  • Dma

    Anything grilled, but especially fish tacos with fresh salsa and avocado!!

  • Brooke


  • Kim

    Favorite summer food is pico de gallo, eaten in the sunshine, on the back deck of our home, with a Corona. Mmmmm 🙂

  • Shannon

    Tomatoes! . . . Any way they come!

  • Brenda

    Guacamole or blueberries…yum!

  • rebecca s.

    so hard to pick a favorite!

    berries galore and all of the rustic tarts they inspire. and of course: tomatoes, basil (just add a bit of olive oil, a bit of mozzerella & salt). so hungry now!

  • Jenny (VintageSugarcube)

    Bahama MaMa grilled over charcoal with saurkraut and spicy mustard on a poppy seed roll

  • funkydays

    There’s a Korean dish called nengmyun ( It has buckwheat noodles in a cold beef broth with radishes, beef, and half a boiled egg. The cold broth is so refreshing in the summer, even on the hottest days, it cools you down. So delicious!

  • Joanna

    It’s got to be watermelon and corn on the cob. I buy a whole watermelon and will eat the whole thing within 5 days. I really don’t get the concept of those mini personalized watermelons, lol. I also just eat ears of corn as a snack. Raw or steamed, corn is deliciously sweet, crunchy, and fresh.

  • Katie

    Raspberries for sure…walking into the backyard and eating them straight off the bush while my little dog does the same is the best!!

  • Emily | Nomnivorous

    Yes please and thank you.

  • Katie

    Corn, by far! I absolutely LOVE corn! There’s so many things you can do with it, and it’s so yummy!!!

  • laura k

    Cherries. Lovely, lovely cherries. I think I need to go get some now.

  • Christianne

    Love corn on the cob. Little bit of butter, salt, and pepper, and you are good to go. Just don’t forget the napkins.

  • Tarrin

    White nectarines, especially atop vanilla ice cream!

  • Elizabeth W.

    In California, a Caprese salad from my garden (now if only I could figure out how to engineer a mozzarella bush…).

    In upstate New York, though, fresh-picked corn boiled until it’s just warm, followed by one of Mrs. Bodeen’s delicious pies. Oh Mrs. Bodeen, it will be a sad day when you’re no longer in the pie business.

  • christina


  • annie

    I love lots of summer foods but I’d have to say melon is my favorite and most anticipated summer food.

  • Anna

    My favorite summer food is hands down, Strawberry Ice Cream made with fresh strawberries. Ugh- I could die waiting for ours to ripen in Oregon. 🙂

  • Tamizn

    Favorite summer food, do ice lollies count?! If not I’d have to say fresh salad and fruit from the garden its just too good : )

  • Kate

    Summer tomatoes, home grown, with nothing but sea salt and freshly cracked pepper on top. yum! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Jennifer

    The fruit. Strawberries. Nectarines. Blackberries. Peaches.

    Pretty much anything fresh from the garden. But a salad topped with fruit and balsamic vinegar is simply delightful.

  • Ella

    Fresh tomatoes and basil from my garden with garlic and olive oil!!! Perfect summer food!

  • Jenni

    warm tomatoes picked straight from the garden!

  • emma

    Chocolate chip zucchini bread with walnuts… Almost to squash season…. so close….

  • beth

    Watermelon, feta and mint salad. I could eat it for every meal.

  • Emily

    Rainier Cherries! They’re so delicious! I love the burst of sweet yet slightly sour when you bite into it. 🙂

  • Andrea

    Watermelon! corn on the cob! I could make a dinner with just those two!

  • Sydney B.


  • Mirtha

    any type of melon…. no, no, wait! WHITE PEACHES.

  • Andrea

    a BLT with a lovely summer tomato! totally worth waiting all winter for 🙂

  • brigid

    homemade ice creams!

  • Kelly F

    BBQ Chicken! Reminds me of summers with my grandpa by the old smokey.

  • Sandra

    Nothing better than good ol’ corn on the cob!

  • bree

    my favorite summer food is…anything grilled.
    especially grilled fish and veggies to make fish tacos!

  • Danica Evans

    Cherries! Sitting by the lake. Pits directly into the water. Sunshine. Ahhhhhh 🙂

  • GYM

    popsicles or anything frozen

  • Glenn

    I could live almost entirely on fresh raw sweet corn. Husking for me is close to a religious experience. …In retrospect I’m a little self conscious about my cob addiction.

  • wendy

    cherries. there is nothing better than fresh cherries. I am always said when the cherry guy stops showing up at our farmer’s market.

  • rachel

    fudgesicles for the win.

  • Lisa

    homemade watermelon pops with a hint of mint!!!!

    What an awesome beautiful book.
    PS love the podcast Keeps me happy and laughing.

  • rachellake

    This book is so gorgeously photographed, I have a copy out from my local library right now and I’ve been swooning over all the recipes and pictures.

    My favorite summer food is tied between peaches and fresh corn. Indiana does both so well and I haul tons of both home from the local markets and orchard

  • rocio

    my favorite summer food would have to be garden tomatoes 🙂 they always taste the best when you grow them yourself!

  • carolin

    my favorite summer food is probably freshly home made tomato salsa, eaten with chips, on top of scrambled eggs, over some steaming rice.. you name it. goes well with pretty much anything.

  • Carrie B

    I love fresh corn on the cob. Growing up in Michigan we had these little corn holders and only used them during the summer. I would always get excited as a little kid when we could use them again.

    Also, I’ve been listening to you and Joy on you guys’ podcasts, and I have to admit that I’ve been a “lurker” now for several months. But since you called us lurkers out, I decided to say hello. So Hello! I love your blog and have for awhile now.

    Please keep podcasting! I listen on Sundays while I cook my lunches for the week, and they always keep me entertained.

  • Marilyn

    Raspberry tiramisu!

  • eliz


    There is nothing more delicious than summer tomatoes!


  • Nichole B

    tomatoes on crusty bread with a sprinkle of fancy salt + olive oil. 🙂

  • Keesha

    Can I pick more than one food? I LOVE corn on the cob, green beans and new potatoes in one pot!!!

  • Ashley

    Strawberries and raspberries! But strawberries and rhubarb in any form are always delish.

  • Jenn

    My Favorite Summer Food is Grilled Veggies From the Local Farmers Market!!

  • Ashley

    peach pie!

  • Jessie O

    mmm cantalope & berries! 🙂 can’t think of anything else other than a fresh fruit salad to eat everday of summer!

  • Dawn Marie

    Corn on the cob. Eaten outside at the picnic table. Best thing ever.

  • Tena

    Summer salad and ham sandwich … simple, cool and pleasant. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Caitlin

    avocados! (Those are a summer food, right? I’m no farmer…)

  • Kris

    basil/tomato/mozzarella – YUM! So summery and refreshing!

  • Shaye

    i LOVE making fresh tomato salsa, fresh mint ice cream and any sort of fruit Popsicle i can get my hands on!

    as far as more MEAL foods, definitely goat cheese, fresh tomato and basil pizza!

  • Stiffler

    tomatoes – i love to make tomoato sandwiches. corn on the cob is a close second.

  • Julie (Bananas for Bourbon)

    That’s so hard! Summer is the best season! Ok, I only say that because it’s here. Strawberries! Blackberries! Corn! Mixed greens! I love it all. Produce is wonderful. 🙂

  • Koko Stanley

    Fresh tomatoes AND popsicles (obviously not together)

  • beckiann

    fresh tomatoes with basil! oh and honeydew!

  • Lydia Joy

    Does Strawberry Shortcake count? = )

  • I want to win really badly.

    Watermelon and salty cheese… weird combo but oh so delicious when the watermelon is cold and has the crunchy bite to it. mmmm 🙂

  • Gillian

    Garden tomato and mozzarella. Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  • Natalie

    peaches and corn!

  • Whitney F.

    Fresh strawberries or nectarines!

  • Kristin E

    BBQ Chicken Pizza!!!! It’s just wonderful to eat in the summer time =)

  • Steph F.

    Ice cold watermelon. SO refreshing.

  • Natasha F

    Courgette flowers, stuffed and fried, mmmm

  • Rachel R.

    Mojitos! Well, that’s not a food, but totally more delicious in summer 😉 Ok, my real answer is probably a fresh caprese salad….(or mojitos–depending on the mood and time of day, I suppose)

  • Grace

    Fresh raspberries with whipped cream, no question! Thanks!

  • Emily

    Mangoes! and bruschetta! but not together 🙂

  • gretch

    sweet corn & tomatoes

  • Ginny

    millions of peaches! because they are great only in summer!

  • Jamie

    I love a nice mango pineapple salsa, a nice girlled juicey burger, and some nice surf and turf! yum

  • Keegan

    Oh gosh, this is so hard! Probably corn on the cob, you cant beat it here in Michigan. But all the fresh fruit too, like raspberries, blackberries, peaches, oh my!

  • birdie

    Favorite summer food is an icy cold wedge of ripe watermelon. Eaten on a blanket in the grass on a summer day. YUM.

  • Gwyn M

    Favorite Summer Food: anything fresh!!

  • Katie C.

    Fruit desserts have to be my favorite – they are hard to beat in the summer!

  • Vanessa

    Home grown tomatoes!

  • rebecca

    anything with fresh berries of course!

  • Barathi

    My favorite summer food is fresh berries! Love summer strawberries.

  • Aubrey

    Rainier cherries! Their color is gorgeous & their season is so short it makes them seem all the more special.

  • carey3195

    Popsicles! All kinds, all flavors, by the boxfull. It’s all I want all summer long.

  • Michelle

    Tough question! I’d have to say all the great fruit – watermelon, berries, peaches, and tomatoes.

  • jennifer

    Definitely homegrown tomatoes!

  • Dana

    Mmm…fresh corn on the cob, roasted on the grill!

  • Amanda S

    Berries and Peaches in straight out of the container or in dessert form.

  • Simone

    My favorite summer food is a slice of fruit pie (or cobbler) topped with vanilla ice cream. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

  • Laura

    Apricots and peaches, I love it when they come in season! Also, great for making jams 🙂

  • trisha

    yess! i am pining away over this book! i think i’ll have to go with corn on the cob–elote style. the one with the mayonnaise, cheese, chili powder & lime. it’s really healthy. promise.

  • Samantha

    Fresh summer berries are the best!! I wait all year for them!! 🙂

  • karla

    I can’t wait for the strawberries and the heirloom tomatoes!!

    Whoooooo hooooooo!

  • jadekaz

    Shish kabobs loaded with veggies fresh from the farm (and a little meat/seafood).

  • Joe Chang

    Probably a light pizza with arugula, tomato and mushrooms. Maybe chase that down with fresh blended watermelon slushy! Now, I have an idea of making pizza with Blue Chair Jams!!!

  • Sarah

    My absolute FAVORITE summer food is so simple. Fresh fruit-in a bowl, in a smoothie, in a tasty alcoholic beverage, or mixed with a dessert.

  • Caitlin

    My favorite summer food is any stone fruit! Sun warmed peaches, plums or apricots fresh off the tree served with cold vanilla bean ice cream sing summer to me. Yum!!

  • erica

    Strawberries, of course!

  • sara

    I absolutely adore this book! The few jams I’ve made from this book have been fantastic. As for favorite summer foods, I absolutely love peaches. When they come into season, I pretty much will eat them until I can’t eat anymore. Peach EVERYTHING.

  • Ericka

    Carne asada! Yum!

  • Sara P.

    My favorite summer food is cherries. Yum!

  • JenMarie

    Rhubarb crisp. *sigh*

  • Courtney G

    Barbecue – and I’m talkin homemade honey barbecue sauce on anything from brisket to ribs to boston pork butt. Or on chicken and turning that into a barbecue chicken pizza, like I’m doing tonight! 🙂
    To drink – homemade sweet tea with the RIGHT amount of sugar. Preferably peach flavored and in a mason jar.
    And peach or apple pie for dessert. Cinnamon sugar glaze over the crust. Yum.

  • tisha

    Salmon grilled on a cedar plank and covered with chives! I could eat it every night for dinner!

  • Marla Solano


  • Christie

    My favorite summer food is Strawberry Infused Vodka. Oh, wait. That doesn’t count. Oh well, I’m always happy with a pint of fresh picked berries during the summer months. I’m an equal opportunity berry eater, you see. I love to mix strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in most all my summertime recipes.

  • Mariah Henderson


  • marianne

    Fresh raspberries………

  • jen

    I have so many favorite summer foods I can’t pick just one! But I can’t seem to get enough summer ripe fruit like juicy peaches. oh lawdy…

  • Kat K.

    Fresh sweet strawberries. Or, for a late summer food, wild huckleberries. ON NOM NOM. (Or for savory, barbequed steak and corn-on-the-cob…clearly summer is a season of too much food goodness.)

  • Nicki Woo

    Cucumbers, and tomatoes, and zucchini, and slushes, and strawberry ice cream, and meats on sticks, and . . . . .

  • Katarzyna

    My favorite summer food – blueberries, hands down. In my home country they are available only in the summer so waiting for the first blueberries was a little bit like waiting for Christmas, only with nicer weather and longer vacations. Now I live in sunny Texas so blueberries are available pretty much all year round, but I still wait for the summer months to keep the magic going 🙂

  • Ziu

    Its got to be ice cream!

  • Dominique

    Corn on the Cob! On the Grill!

  • Cate

    I would have to say corn fresh from the field! We even made fresh corn ice cream at my mom’s last weekend. Out of this world with a homemade caramel sauce…. I would eat it three times a day and happily be the size of a house if I could get away with it.

  • Leeah

    Blueberries! Delicious. My mom used to take me blueberry picking with my brothers in the summer and we would eat handfuls of blueberries in the process.

  • Ellie Cortez

    it has to be blue corn tortilla chips with homemade guac!!! mmmmmmm..

  • Michelle H.

    Fresh peaches are my absolute favorite summer food. Especially sliced into a bowl with blueberries and a sprinkling of sugar. Yum!

  • Cedar

    Berries! Not only are they amazingly delicious, but they turn your fingers such lovely shades of red and purple!

  • Libera

    Top fav summer food = mussels (hand picked at a local beach by me and my family members, yep, good times) cooked in white wine with garlic and fresh parsley from the garden. So simple, so fun, and super nom!

    … And to top off a long day of frolicking in the sun: ripe peaches soaked in red wine that have been chilling in the fridge while you were out. Uh-may-zing. 

  • Melissa

    hey! i’ve been listening to you and joy’s podcast and love it! my favorite summer food is corn on the cob…i’m a nebraska girl!!

  • Jen


  • Chris Read

    Everything directly from the garden of course. This can be Gazpacho from the tomatoes, roasted eggplant, cucumber salad. I already own a copy of the jam cookbook, so please send the book to Woods Memorial Public Library in Tucson. We have plenty of citrus at the Farmers’ Market at St. Philip’s Plaza but no local marmalade.

  • Zoe Lukas

    Fresh salad made with CSA veggies (oven roasted grape tomatoes, fresh cold roasted beets, red scallions, butter lettuce, arugula, toasted pecans….) and homemede buttermilk herb dressing

  • Lindsey

    Peaches and corn on the cob! YUM!

  • Berenice

    Oh I love carne asada in the summertime! It’s not just about the meat but everything that gets thrown on the grill like cheese filled chilies and corn on the cob and grilled fruit as well. Mouthwatering deliciousness!

  • Emily H.

    Tomatoes! On anything and everything reasonable….

  • Kelli

    Radishes with butter and salt on fresh baked bread!

  • Brittny

    ahh this looks fantastic! love those shoes, those pictures! and JAM! this book looks beautiful!

  • Allison

    Any vegetable straight out of the garden! Tomatoes, peas, beans, peppers, whatever! A little dirt never hurt anyone.

    Oh, and ice cream. naturally.

  • Ana Bushman

    Watermelon or chicken salad sandwiches! yumm!

  • Mona

    Salads, fresh and green.

  • juilijosh


  • Ashlee

    Strawberry Shortcake with plenty of ice cream!

  • Heather

    Fried squash and a HUGE bowl of cantaloupe! Reminds me of summers at my great aunts house in the country..

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Lots o strawberries, salads and smoothies…yum!

  • Katie B

    The smell of BBQ wafting up the street…

  • Lindsay C Chry

    It’s gotta be a soft serve, original twist cone from Seneca Farms in Upstate NY…… Love. Most Creamy. Totally Delicious. So good my husband once ate a medium, walked back up and bought a large and ate that too….

  • Whitney

    Hands down… heirloom tomatoes! Pluots would be next on the list.

  • Vanessa Strobel

    Corn on the cob straight from the field.

  • Naomi

    I love eating anything straight out of the garden… strawberries, tomatoes, squash…

  • Carly

    anything with fresh basil from my very mini herb garden.

  • Jen

    Wow – Hard. Anything made with wild blueberries, lime and fresh whipped cream. OOOooh or coconut cream pie made with fresh coconut OR pretty much anything done simply on the grill. I love summer. I don’t think I did that right but how could you possibly narrow it down to one favorite? Crazy talk.

  • Kat

    Frozen green grapes

  • Julie

    Cukes & seasoned rice vinegar (from trader joes). yum.

  • Ali Lera

    fresh caprese salad. There really is nothing better!

  • Sherrie

    Ooooh, I’ve had this book on hold at the library FOREVER! So gorgeous. Fave summer food: watermelon. Plain. Mmmm.

  • Brianna

    Home made strawberry ice cream!

  • Kate

    What a great giveaway! I just made jam for the first time last week- that cookbook would be a great help for future Jammy endeavors!

  • heather

    peaches…corn…cherries…strawberries – well, all berries…tomatoes…grilled burgers…barbecue ribs…all so delicious. thanks for the giveaway; it’s awesome!

  • Becky

    barbeque! and watermelon, pineapple, and fruit in general! : )

  • Shana

    So funny talking about jam, I was just considering starting to make marmalade for Christmas presents this year!

    Hmmm, favorite summer dish. Homemade angel food cake topped with strawberries and vanilla bean whipped cream. Between the cake and cream, you hardly need the strawberries! Although, I did have to learn my lesson with watermelon the hard way. It *is* possible to drown after a whole watermelon all your short self!

  • Jen

    My favorite summer food is cherry pie, homemade by my mom with a fabulously flaky crust and tart cherries picked from my grandmother’s cherry tree. I get this pie every year on my birthday in July. So much better than cake!

  • jeannette

    my favorite summer food is chili. go figure… i love ice cream in the winter and chili in the summer, i think it’s all the colorful veggies. OH and anything made on a grill!! i am going to try grilling pizza this summer!!

  • Ami

    I LOVE fresh picked blueberries, tomatoes from my garden, and super sweet and juicy peaches!!

  • Alisha

    I love fresh peaches and nectarines! So ripe and delicious!!

  • Megan

    Mulberries – right off the tree in my grandparents’ backyard. I remember coming in hands & clothes berry-stained from laying and eating them in the grass under the tree as a kid. Eating them right off the tree! That’s right, no washing – living dangerously tastes better.

    Why don’t I live where I can just pop over for those anymore?


  • Ali

    Homemade strawberry jam, although I haven’t made it in a few years, it is the best thing ever.

  • Amy

    Watermelon, and steamed pork buns!

  • Kimberly

    Watermelon and strawberries are near the top, especially when eaten together, but I think my very favorite summer food is grilled hot dogs at my dad’s house. They’re just regular old Ballparks, but my dad knows I like them extra crispy like he does, so he always has a special little batch on the corner of the grill for our blackened dogs. After he takes his first bite, he always looks right at me like we’re in on some secret together and says, “this is the only way to eat ’em.” That’s the best part of the meal, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

  • Darcee

    Homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top, yuuummmmmmm

  • marya

    Nothing beats fresh, local blueberries.

  • sherri lynn

    My favorite summer food is burgers! I love grilling out and I like to pile my burger high with extras!

  • Leah

    Watermelon!! It’s so simple, but so good.

  • Teresa

    Corn on the Cob!

  • Sara

    Favorite summer food–berries! any kind!

  • Erin

    My favorite summer food is corn on the cob – grilled with herb butter and salt please! Yum!

  • Brittany

    hmmm how to pick. strawberry shortcake, watermelon, veggies from the farmers market, strawberry rhubarb pie! rhubarb cake! mojitos!

  • Tim

    Strawberry short cake made with fresh strawberries. I always find it amazing how sweet ripe strawberries compared to the ones from the grocery

  • Shay

    caprese salad!! strawberries!! corn on the cob!! Homemade ice cream!!! tomatoes!!!

  • CK

    Fresh corn with lots of butter and salt. Love your blog and podcast, just found
    out about you and Joy.

  • Susan Seltz

    To me, rhubarb means summer is coming. I like to roast it(and serve over yogurt or ice cream), make jam, and a few favorite desserts that I make just once a year with a fresh harvest.

  • Sara

    Anything grilled – vegetables, fruit, meat… anything! And berries too.

  • Molly

    blueberry and blackberry pie!

  • sarah

    juicy peaches!

  • Jasmine

    Strawberry shortcake! And anything with peaches!

  • terrah

    oh! I love pie in the summer and can’t forget the ice cream. NUMMY!!!!

  • Bree

    My favorite summer food is my mom’s corn pudding. Mine never is as good as hers.

  • sj

    frozen grapes. on the beach. hold the sand.

  • beth moser-chang

    Farro Salad with pine nuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon, oil oil and balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite salad. Yummmy deliciousness!!

  • Juls

    Oh wow! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at canning for so long but it all seemed so incredibly daunting. Though I have memories of when my grandmother used to visit us from South Africa cooking marmalade in our kitchen in huge batches. My parents still have jars from 1997 that are absolutely fine! She died in 2004 – her marmalade outlived her!

    My favourite summer food is my mom’s English Summer puddings. Warm and full of lots and lots of berries. She also had such a look of relief and smugness when she would turn the pudding basin upside down and the pudding would come out intact and the juice stained bread would still stand. Strangely I never liked it as a kid, but when I left home I properly started hankering for it all the time!

  • Susie Q

    There’s a simple sandwich I make with rustic wheat bread toasted, and then piled with cucumber, tomato, and avocado, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar and a pinch of sea salt… alongside a glass of homemade lemonade = summer heaven! I have it at least once a week!

  • Tracy

    I love making homemade pies with all the delicious fruit. I make strawberry-rhubarb, sour cherry, raspberry custard, and peach pecan crumb! This year I want to try an apricot pie I saw in a magazine- yum!!

  • jenifer

    straight up tomatoes from the garden with a tiny bit of sea salt – YUM

  • Sam Kramer

    Favorite summer food? I love grilled corn on the cob. Really, anything on the grill! Have been wanting to try grilled fruit… Think this may be the year!

  • Nicole

    Can “grilled” be a food? If not then I choose fresh corn on the cob. Sigh.

  • Megan

    Grilled sweet potatoes with grilled pork tenderloin. mmmm.

  • Cassidy

    Whip cream, fresh fruit, and basil!

  • Biscuit

    My favorite summer food is definitely cherries! I’m determined to cook with them, but I keep eating them all up before I can find the time to bake, haha! I did make a cherry clafoutis, but I haven’t been able to make a second batch because the cherries keep disappearing 😉
    Summer has the most delicious fruit, no?


  • Chez Us

    Favorite summer food definitely comes off of the grill! Anything … fruit, meat, veggies. LOVE it all. Dying to get my grubby little hands on this book and some jam; maybe I will grill toast to go with it. 🙂

  • Mara

    Fresh Peach Crumble!

  • Miss

    Strawberries, strawberry jam, strawberry pie. See a pattern?

  • Jen

    I love avocados. I know these days you can get them year round, but they are so summery to me. They make me think of warm weather. And I would love to win this book!

  • Danielle

    Oh my, how did I miss this giveaway?? My fav summer food has got to be stone fruit….though I’m not sure that qualifies as ‘food’ lol. For something more substantial it would have to be heirloom tomatoes 🙂

  • Miranda

    Anything with berries!

  • Melanie G.

    Corn on the cob SMOTHERED with butter and a little chili powder on top. Goes great with beer;)

  • Sherry

    Icebox Cake with fresh raspberries!

  • And the winner is…. › shutterbean

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