July 17, 2020



  1. Ways you can bulk up ramen noodles.
  2. I want to make chicken fried potatoes.
  3. Check out these creative bus ads.
  4. Black-Owned Etsy shops to support
  5. A whole bunch of recipes using eggs.
  6. Wow. I would really love a Study Pod.
  7. How to Dry Herbs
  8. How Americans who left talk about their life in other countries.
  9. I am daydreaming of going to Canada.
  10. Here’s why you keep seeing all of those trick cakes.
  11. Trees growing through cars.
  12. I had a dress like this when I was in high school and I miss it.
  13. Teens are dressing up as older people to get alcohol.
  14. I wonder if all this stuff about #freebritney is true… cuz WOW
  15. What have you learned about yourself during quarantine?
  16. I can’t believe this is ballpoint pen!
  17. Journal goals.  Oh and this one too!
  18. Fight fear with love.
  19. How books can help us through times of transition.
  20. This home looks incredibly calming.
  21. Weekend Reading: Mending Matters + Wild at Home

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  • Jay

    This is my favourite Friday List so far! Favourite spelled with a ‘u’ as I’m an American living in Canada now for 10+ years.

    Please visit us in Canada!

    The article about leaving America was so on-point and moving to another country really gave me exposure to both the advantages and disadvantages of being American. I often get complimented on my “American” confidence and self-acceptance.

    Also – being of Indian descendent, one of my most comforting foods is the simple egg curry – with or without coconut milk. It’s served with rice, chapathis, or rice based breads.

  • Morgan

    Hi! Random but did you ever do a post about your bedroom design? Not finding one. I’ve seen glimpses of it on your Instagram and would love to see more! Hoping to redesign my bedroom with black wall and I already know your room will be a goal.

  • Mo

    OMG. That dress had been erased from my memory until right now. We all had them. Thanks for reminder!

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