December 7, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. This just makes me love Bill Murray more. My mom took me to meet Gilda when I was little.
  2. I’m sure we’ve all seen this song about Instagram this week. Still HILARIOUS.
  3. Chalk Lettering Goodness!! I loved watching this.
  4. Katie! You’re so gorgeous and the way you craft words makes me giddy.
  5. Another gem this week from Shauna! Her writing makes me sane!
  6. BROWNIES!!!!! (Oprah voice! Imagine it)
  7. I’m SOOO proud of my friend Megan and I want this Boozy Eggnog Loaf!
  8. How many times can we watch this? A million. (psst! watch the kids!)
  9. Ummm. Tracy Morgan. Twas the Night Before Christmas. WATCH IT.
  10. 2012- A Retrospective in Animated Gifs.
  11. I love this custom stenciled wall. What a fab idea!
  12. Christmas Crack. GIMME DAT.
  13. The prettiest recipe cards I’ve ever seen!
  14. Freeks & Geeks Reunion Photos!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Millie looks great!
  15. Hahaha. It totally looks like a bear, Megan!
  16. I love getting a glimpse of Tamar Adler’s Kitchen.
  17. This was our Christmas Jam when we were kids. Taking it back!


Modern Day Etiquette Part Deux! What’s Your Shoe Game? How do we exercise? Do I make people take their shoes off when they come over? An all new Joy the Baker Podcast is up!

Wanna see what’s in my bar? I created a Bar Closet in our new house. CHECK IT out on High Straightenence this week. BOOM.


A Glass of Milk made my Baked Hot Wings

Make Great made my Rosemary Roasted Almonds.

Lemon Jelly Cake made my  Earl Grey Chocolate Cake

Crooked Hazel made my Mini Ginger Almond Cheesecakes.

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