November 30, 2018



  1. How Americans define their dream job these days.
  2. Things you might regret when you’re older
  3. Pizza is more nutritious than breakfast cereal
  4. How dealing with past trauma can help one beat addiction.
  5. How to work from home without falling into a pit of despair.
  6. Why procrastination is bad for your brain. 
  7. How restaurants got so loud.
  8. Tears, magnified. 
  9. This is pretty exciting for Roald Dahl fans! 
  10. Things you might have forgotten about your childhood.
  11. How long does it take for a lego to pass through your body? 
  12. My mental age is 90 years old and apparently, I like cornbread muffins.
  13. I’m all for giving the gift of experiences.
  14. Parenting in a nutshell.
  15. Number 3 made me laugh. My parents should have done that with us kids.
  16. How to be creative when you’re feeling stressed.
  17. Another way open offices make you less productive.
  18. I like these public warning signs.
  19. CUTE Holiday dresses for parties: one / two / three / four
  20. To make this weekend: Instant Pot Minestrone Soup




I’m excited to announce that I am going to be part of a FOOD + MORE Week retreat at Santa Fe Photography Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico May 2019. I have space for 14 students in my Food Photography for Bloggers class!  This will be my second time to Santa Fe and I am so thrilled to go back. If you’re looking to brush up and/or enhance your food photography skills come take my workshop! We’ll be playing with food, light, and composition. There will also be a Farmer’s Market tour in the mix.  I’d love to have you! Read more about the workshop here:  Food Photography for Bloggers with me, Tracy Benjamin!

Other workshops happening during the week:

The Craft of Food Memoirs Writing with Molly Wizenberg

Podcasting with the Kitchen Sisters 

We’ll all be together for meals and nighttime fun, you should join us!



  • Sara

    I got 5 years old when I made a cake! LOL :):)

    Also, re: loud restaurants … I’m not a sound engineer, but I am an art teacher and even I know that hanging simple foam-backed boards on the wall can drastically dampen sound and wouldn’t be extremely difficult to integrate into a minimalist design. Eye roll.

  • Vanessa Simpson

    My arm is FAMOUS! tee hee.

    Fifi (who is 8), sat in the car duirng our Thanksgiving trip to Reno from Tacoma for 4hours straight while listening to the audio book of BFG. Not a peep from the backseat, except for a giggle or two! I had a hard time getting her to take off the headphones when we had to stop at the rest stop. She is going to flip when she hears about the Netflix thing!

    • Tracy

      That is so awesome! I wish I could get Cooper to listen to one. He has such a short attention span.

  • Jamie

    I’m always looking for “beauty in the chaos!)

  • Jamie

    Well I’m not 90, but I do love a good cornbread. = )

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