November 7, 2019

Currently October 2019

Currently October 2019

This is my 4th year reflecting on October.  Here! Look at them all below!

October 2018

October 2017

October 2016

Currently 2019 Workbook by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com- A fun way to navigate the year and practice your handwriting while you do so!

Here’s my Currently Workbook for 2019!  I’ll be selling a version for 2020 next week. Stay tuned for that. 

Let’s look inside!

I was inspired by the aspen trees in Sun Valley Idaho this month. I used some watercolor and pen on my paper to make some. 

All the Good Things That Happened This Month!

Let’s break it down!

Things of note this October:

Cooper turned 11.


Inspired By:

Our trip to Idaho to visit Casey’s family.  It was nice to experience a cold Fall. It’s pretty warm here in California during Fall so it never feels right.  I liked being able to bundle up and wear a coat.

And the light was magical!

I always love experiencing Cooper with his cousins. He’s always on cloud nine when he’s around them.

Also inspired by HORSES!

I spent the weekend working with horses with my friend Emma. You can read more about that here. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING and I want to be around horses all the time now. 

Our power was out for a few days as the fires take over California and PG&E plays it safe. We lost a bunch of food in the process, but we activated our imaginations and we didn’t take our normal situation for granted.  I am now working on lists for emergencies and getting prepped for the next time this happens. I am inspired to BE PREPARED. Honestly, I kept thinking about my Mom during our blackout. She used to be the one who helped my family through a power outage and since I live in the house I grew up in, it brough up a lot of memories. 


This month we plowed through Billions. Now we are all caught up.

We’ve been watching a lot of Planet Earth (testing out a new TV)

Been working our way through SMILF too.

I keep falling asleep while watching TV at night…


I finally finished Save Me the Plums (loved it!)

Two new cookbooks added to the rotation: Midwest Made and Whole Food Cooking Every Day

One of my favorites- Thriving as an Empath 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People

Find Your Artistic Voice by my friend Lisa! 

The Body Keeps the Score – can’t wait to dive into this one

Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents– what I’m working on in therapy.

Thinking About:

The holidays. How busy it will be. How I can do things ahead of time so I am not super stressed out. We are also going to hit the 2 year anniversary of my Mom’s death and a lot of it is coming right to the surface again. I am in a much better place than I was last year. 

Listening To:

What I’ve been listening to over and over again:

Also, a LOT of Elton John for some reason….

Dream Life:

I’m dreaming of the past right now. Like, neighborhoods when I was a kid.  I can tell there’s a lot of stuff that’s coming to the surface since I’ve bene going to therapy.  I love how the brain works!

I had a dream that Casey surprised me with a mini Cooper. It was white. It’s always been my dream to have one! I keep waking up at 4AM and then going back to sleep. It’s activating my lucid dreaming!


I made Cooper’s favorite: Green Tea Ice Cream!

Been on a delicata squash binge. Typical for October!

A lunch with my Denise & Jess at Le Marais Bakery.

My version of an autumn Reset Button Salad.

Crispy Cauiliflower & Kale Penne for the win!

Cooper got these chocolate -chocolate chip cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for his birthday treat at school!

A meal I make when I want to be healthy. Salmon cucumber bowls!

It’s the time of year when we start making pumpkin waffles. I like the trader joe’s mix for an easy waffle morning around here.

Our friends spoiled us with the last of their tomato hoard. 

My friend Neiley made us a delicious salad. 

This Vietnamese salad was thrown together by stuff I had in the fridge. 

I need to make this more often. I’ll share the recipe when I perfect it.

Dinner at my Dad’s house with his new girlfriend on my Mom’s plates. LIFE IS SO WEIRD.

Self Portrait for October:

How was your October? Anything good to note?  Wishing you a great November! xo

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