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Creating an Antipasti Platter

Creating an Antipasti Platter // shutterbean

Every few months, Casey and I host a wine tasting at our house.  He’s in charge of the get-together (it’s his wine group afterall!) while I work on the food. Bertolli recently contacted me to see if I’d like to be apart of their Bertolli Gold Label Progressive Italian Dinner Party with a few other food bloggers. Over the next few weeks, you can follow along to see how we all hosted our own gatherings and then brought them together through a virtual Gold Label Dinner Party menu.  I thought it might be a good way to show you what goes into creating an antipasti platter for one of our wine parties- from selecting the wines to pairing food items.  As the first blogger course of the #BertolliGoldLabel Progressive Dinner Party,  I came up with an original recipe (hope you love polenta & mushrooms!) using one of their Bertolli Gold Label sauces and will post that soon.  

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Let the Sunshine In Cocktail

Let the Sunshine In Cocktail // shutterbean

We worked hard to meet our goal of arriving to Big Sur before the sun went down on Friday. But when we got there, the weather had another plan. There was an incredibly thick blanket of fog hovering over the water as we were getting settled into our hotel room. Casey poured a glass of wine and I made this drink and we went out to check out our view on our balcony and out of nowhere, this happened:

Let the Sunshine In Cocktail // shutterbean


<oprah voice>

That’s TOTALLY it.

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Pumpkin-y Things!

Shutterbean PUMPKIN Recipes!

Did you know that every time I type the word PUMPKIN, my fingers automatically type pumpking. That’s right. KING. Isn’t that bizarre?  When I typed pumpkin-y in this post header it was extra weird cuz it’s not even a word, is it? Pumpkin-y?  Things that involve pumpkin! Like…A LOT OF IT.  Everyone is blowing up my Instagram feed with their pumpkin patch pictures….and I’m gonna blow yours up with mine soon, so let’s all get PUMPKIN-Y, shall we?


I just can’t deal with how good that grilled cheese was. DAAAANG.


Once upon a time I made a pumpkin cake with BROWN BUTTER ICING. Sweet savory heaven.

You could also turn it into baked doughnuts…or muffins…. just saying….


Because we all need pumpkin at breakfast time.  ALL OF US.


Pumpkin and pecan are a winning combination, don’t you agree? Let’s make doughnuts!


What to do with leftover pumpkin puree? Make cream cheese!  Perfect on toasted cinnamon raisin bagels.


Shake up your pumpkin pie game and make PARFAITS. Gingersnap layering FOR THE WIN.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean


We finished this ice cream cake in record time. Consider yourself warned.


An all time favorite in my household. I need to get on this kick again. Right now I’m on a toast/egg thing.


It’s like a banana cream pie….but with PUMPKIN! You’re gonna love those pecan crumbles and…



I finally got around to making a Jeni’s ice cream in my own kitchen. This one was epic.


Hummina Hummina. You’re gonna love the chewy ginger cookie base and the pecan bits!


Because ice cream, pumpkin, and BOURBON belong together. TRUE LOVE, baby!

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean

When I was busy making ice cream cakes this Summer, I had grand plans for making a pumpkin one this fall.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean

Pumpkin ice cream…gingersnaps crushed and mixed with salted butter….vanilla ice cream….

I’m kind of obsessed with the combination. It’s popular around these parts.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake // shutterbean

I was busy putting together a wine tasting party this weekend and I forgot to consider a dessert option…and then I remembered I had this lovely thing in my freezer so problem= solved. My kid who refuses to like anything pumpkin asked for seconds. So yeah, this ice cream cake is GOOD.  It’s that crunchy/chewy gingersnap layer that gets you. Consider yourself warned!

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Little Gem Lettuce Salad with Beets & Walnuts

Little Gem Lettuce Salad with Beets & Walnuts // shutterbean

This weekend I survived an epic playdate, a party to watch the Blue Angels, and a fundraiser at school. In between all of that, I made two dozen cupcakes, a batch of blondies for dessert  and this salad for you.  I am falling asleep just typing that last sentence. Whew.

Little Gem Lettuce Salad with Beets & Walnuts // shutterbean

I also had an epic eating weekend which means this week I’m trying to start off on the right foot. What better way to balance the fact that I had two cheeseburgers in less than 24 hours? Salad for dinner— but not like a light salad. A hearty salad. A salad that uses the Honey Candied Walnuts I made last week. A salad that gives me the reset I need.

Little Gem Lettuce Salad with Beets & Walnuts // shutterbean

A salad that has tang, supple lettuce leaves, bits of chives, roasted beets and crunchy walnuts with a dijon vinaigrette .  A salad for the beet lover in your life!  That would be my mom :)

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Honey Candied Walnuts

Honey Candied Walnuts // shutterbean

Candied walnuts are like the diamond stud earring of the salad world. You can quote me on that. They complete a salad in the same way diamond earrings complete an outfit. They’re a classic and they never go out of style. I wonder what Audrey Hepburn thought of candied walnuts. Were those a thing back then? Probably…because they’re classic. Anyways, they add a crunchy toasty sweetness to whatever you put them in….even if it’s your hand.  I tend to overdo how much I put in my salad bowl. Life is short, yo.  Nuts are awesome. You can quote me on that too.

Honey Candied Walnuts // shutterbean

This recipe from Alice Waters’ The Art of Simple Food II: popped out at me when I was flipping through for salad inspiration. Honey?! Yup. Got that. Sugar, water & walnuts. Always in my pantry. That’s it and that’s all. I may have sprinkled sea salt on half the batch because that’s how I do.  Seriously, make yourself some. They’re such a good thing to have in your meal prep arsenal. Snack on them, pair them with a cheese plate, toss some in an apple crumble, put them in your yogurt and of course they belong in SALAD NATION!

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Sweet & Sour Roasted Delicata Squash

Sweet & Sour Roasted Delicata Squash // shutterbean

If you haven’t tried delicata squash, YOU SHOULD. It’s one of my favorite things about Autumn. What I like most about them is that they’re pretty easy to roast. Cut off both ends, scoop out the seeds, slice them up and let the oven do the rest.  Maybe I just like that they’re cute and scalloped on the edges. Maybe I just like that you can eat them skin and all. I think that’s it.

Sweet & Sour Roasted Delicata Squash // shutterbean

A few years ago I fried Brussels Sprouts and man they were good. What made them so dang amazing was the honey lime sriracha sauce on top. I thought it might be a nice thing to add on top of roasted delicata squash so I tried it. Here it is and….

Sweet & Sour Roasted Delicata Squash // shutterbean

OMG it’s good. How could it not be? The sweetness of the squash! The sweet & sour tang of the sauce! A match made in haven.  I brought these to a ladies dinner and I turned a few people on….to delicata squash! They were instant fans and the serving dish was wiped clean. Honestly though, I could totally eat a whole batch myself. I find roasted delicata squash irresistible! There’s just something about they’re texture and sweetness that gets me.

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Pumpkin Spice French Toast

Pumpkin Spice French Toast // shutterbean

I love french toast. I always have and always will.  I almost never order it when we go out to eat because I will eat all of it. It’s also because half way stuffing my face with french toast, my inner food voice is like WAIT we wanted savory for breakfast! What are you doing?!  And then there’s this little feeling of regret. Regret that I should have ordered a side of bacon.

Pumpkin Spice French Toast // shutterbean

Cooper is also Team French Toast; I love that about him. Even though he’s totally picky and won’t eat things like PASTA, I know that he does carry the bread gene and that makes me happy. Casey is not a fan of custardy egg things. Womp womp. He’s definitely warming up to mushrooms so there’s maybe there’s hope?

Pumpkin Spice French Toast // shutterbean

A few weeks ago I bought a loaf of brioche bread to make french toast. I’m surprised that I had the willpower to actually make french toast. Brioche and challah both make me weak in the knees. I grabbed a jar of pumpkin butter, added extra cinnamon and pumpkin spice to my french toast custard base and whipped up these hearty/eggy/pumpkin spice french toast slices. Because I like to push things over the edge of deliciousness, I made a batch of pumpkin cream cheese. A little dollop on top of the french toast  and a drizzle of maple syrup and all is right. Hello, dreamy Autumn breakfast! I am so into you.

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