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I love lists, Friday!


  1.  This star garland is adorable.
  2. It’s amazing what a little paint can do to a kitchen.
  3. I love a no-sew project.
  4. A good reminder that we never know how much time we have.
  5. Take it away, CATS.
  6. How top designers tell clients that their taste sucks. Haha oh boy.
  7. Decadent Hot Chocolate Mix. Totally making this.
  8. What a beautiful home!
  9. Oh Mariah….
  10. Most Instagrammed locations of 2014.
  11. So much satisfaction in here.
  12. Let’s read about internet addiction.
  13. This photo series is so sweet.
  14. Times were different. These photos prove that.
  15. Nature is pretty incredible.
  16. My Mind’s Eye. Fascinating!
  17. Movie scenes in real life situations. This pleases me greatly.
  18. I want to do this in my house!
  19. Marsala. Hmmmmm. Not my favorite.
  20. Give your brain an O.  This makes me all tingly.
  21. My dad always stressed the importance of #4

Grilled Panettone w/ Blackberries & Mascarpone

Grilled Panettone with Mascarpone & Blackberries // shutterbean

Panettone. Oh man. I have such a weakness for the stuff. I usually don’t have it in my house because I will eat it all. Trust me on this.  NO LOAF IS SAFE.  The other day I was reading through the Eat: The Little Book of Fast Food by Nigel Slater (really good btw!) and I found this simple recipe/idea to be intriguing. You grill (or toast) some panettone (if you want to limit yourself, get one of the mini panettone loafs), smear mascarpone on the warm bread and then top with blackberries and a drizzle of honey. It’s wonderfully decadent yet kinda light and simple. Mascarpone has less fat in it than butter so LOAD IT UP, people.  Also…panettone french toast. Get it.

Apple Cinnamon Infused Bourbon

Apple Cinnamon Infused Bourbon // shutterbean

Hey……me again..just infusing more booze over here. I swear…once you get started, it’s kinda hard to stop.  And this one might be my favorite infusion yet! We take dried apples and a few cinnamon sticks and infuse bourbon (my favorite!). After a few days, you get a syrupy/spicy sweet/STRONG concoction. I’d drink it straight on the rocks…or maybe add a little mulled cider to it….or make myself a toddy with it. Heck, I’d even consider putting it in caramel.  I think I like it a little toooooo much if you know what I mean. I’m serious about that caramel. Somebody do it.

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Shutterbean Gift Guide!

Shutterbean Favorite Things GIFT GUIDE!!

Last year I played Oprah and put together a list of all of My FAAAAAAVORITE THIIIIINGS.  This year, I’m doing it again but I’ve split it up into three different lists (because I love lists, obviously).  Everything you see on these lists are things I own/love and I can’t recommend enough.  I hope this gives you some good gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season :)  Happy shopping! 

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Blackberry Thyme Infused Vodka

Blackberry Thyme Infused Vodka // shutterbean

It’s that time of year when I start infusing alcohols for boozy homemade gifts like a mad woman. That means my kitchen turns into a science lab. Sorry, husband!   A bottle of booze is one of my favorite treats to bring to a party. BOOZE! In the past, I’ve made Limoncello, Amaretto, Strawberry Vodka, Cucumber Infused Vodka and Candy Cane Infused Vodka. This year I have this Blackberry Thyme number and a spicy bourbon infusion in the works. This pretty vodka infusion of blackberries & thyme is mildly sweet and slightly herbal. I can imagine it would be fantastic cut with some lemonade, ginger ale or some tonic. That color will turn some heads, no doubt.

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And I Quote:

Life is what you make it // shutterbean

Happiness is never stopping to think // shutterbean

Reality // shutterbean

Leap of Faith // shutterbean

Everyone you will ever meet // shutterbean

My Everyday Life: Week 48

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Foggy hike after Thanksgiving.

My Everyday Life: Week 48

The streets were golden.

My Everyday Life: Week 48

Casey built Cooper a ramp.

My Everyday Life: Week 48


My Everyday Life: Week 48

Wet lavender.

My Everyday Life: Week 48

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I love lists, Friday!


  1. Jennifer Lawrence is a Leo. That is all. :)
  2. Man Colds. They’re worse than any other cold. Seriously. WHY.
  3. My lattes could use a good stencil.
  4. These little tree cake toppers are cute. Also I’m obsessed with marzipan.
  5. Keep at it and don’t give up!
  6. I’m intrigued by these Eggnog Cinnamon Rolls.
  7. So that’s why Taye Diggs is following me on Twitter
  8. How to do your makeup in prison.
  9. The Introvert on the Podium
  10. Annoying things you’re probably guilty of. 
  11. The Serial Podcast may not have a perfect ending.
  12. This stamp is adorable.
  13. I love reading other people’s entertaining tips.
  14. A good idea for leftover stuffing & leftover mashed potatoes!
  15. How pretty is this drink?
  16. Number 8 is too real.
  17. I’ve been thinking about getting one of these cameras. Xmas present maybe?
  18. Analyzing the amount of jokes per minute in a sitcom. Fascinating!
  19. California is grateful for YOUTUBE? Wtf.
  20. A little photographic inspiration for your weekend.



Congrats, Jessica!  You won my Minted Giveaway!  I will be emailing you shortly!  And thank you to everyone who entered. I really enjoyed reading your holiday traditions. xo