November 15, 2007

Oat N’ Wheat Bran Swirls

Favorite Trader Joe’s Item #15: Oat N’ Wheat Bran Swirls

oat n' wheat bran..... SO effing good

I know.. I know… your thinking “BRAN??!!! ICK!!!” Seriously, this is some good stuff. Take the top of a perfect apple crumble and make a cereal out of it. THEN put your little cereal bites into perfect little swirls. THEN package it up and sell it for less than $3!!

get into my tummy

We put some leftover pumpkin cream cheese frosting in between two swirls the other night. I did not take pictures to document the combo because I don’t want to admit how many I had.

I put them in yogurt…I eat them plain…I love them…

I’m so glad I found you, Oat N’ Wheat Bran Swirls. You are my new best friend.

  • xsquared

    We’re addicted to these – eat them right out of the box. Delicious!

  • Anna

    Those look like mini cinnamon rolls. Cute!

  • Ez

    You’re right! These are absolutely delicious!
    For 3 days after getting my first box, I was eating them like cookies (dipping them in a glass of milk and all), but then I got a very uncomfortable reminder that they are made of BRAN, and let’s just say the love affair has ended. I do still pop a few in with my regular cereal in the morning though. Everything in moderation, right?!


  • Tracy

    mmmm cinnamon rolls. i love them too much. favorite donut EVER.

    EZ- i also mix a few in with other cereals! I save the little swirls til the end. My favorite part!
    Everything in moderation is right! It’s so hard sometimes….

  • Melisser

    Bran makes me say YUM!

  • ari

    OMG! I love these things! the adorable !shape the flavour! it taste like cookies! i just really love them to………….

  • Tracy

    ari: agreed! they are almost to cute to eat. and they ARE cookie like 🙂

  • Brittany

    AHHH.. These are the best, my boyfriend bought them instead of buying Crackling Oat Bran and they are much better. They don’t get soggy in milk fast like the Crackling does. I try to make sure he doesn’t buy them too often because I get addicted when eating them dry as a snack and I can’t stop eating them… needless to say they are GOOD!

  • No Ho

    Trader Joes Oat n Wheat Bran Swirls have been discontinued. Now what? Is there anything like them available ‘out there’?

  • randy

    I found it at the regular store:


    its not as good, but its close.

  • Ike

    Why, Trader Joe’s, WHY?!? After 8-10 years, why is my favorite cereal, Oat & Wheat Swirls, gone?!?

    I know they discontinue products all the time, but I thought this sold well.

    My morning routine has been demolished.

    Kellogg’s Cracklin’ Oat Bran just isn’t as good. The texture is all wrong. It’s rocky and rough. It’s kind of like eating gravel. Also, it’s about twice the cost.

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • No Ho

    Yes, indeed, very disturbing.

  • randy

    I have complained to tj about this. perhaps it might help if others do the same.


  • Linda

    Someone makes these for Trader Joes…we have to locate MFG.

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