November 19, 2018

Intentions for the Week

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:


Happy Monday, friends!

Cooper has the entire week off of school so we’re working and playing as much as possible this week. Hopefully, we won’t be stuck inside the whole week because of the smoke. Wish us luck!

This week I hope to spend a lot of time with family and some time alone as we move through the first anniversary of my Mom’s death. She died on Black Friday last year (November 24).  Last year our holiday didn’t happen because we spent it in the hospital, so this will be the first Thanksgiving dinner we have without my Mom. I’ll be cooking in her kitchen, using her tools and running the show.  I feel so grateful to be in her space, carrying on family traditions. I know she would have wanted it that way and I feel so happy that she left behind so many good kitchen tools for me to use. It feels like a gigantic hug.  It will be an emotional week, so I am bracing myself for that.

Are you ready for this week?  No? Write down your intentions!  Here are my Intentions for the Week:

Intentions for the Week:

  • Work on gift guide
  • Give myself permission to go slow
  • Drink enough water
  • Continue to write down what I eat in my food journal
  • Edit photos/submit to client
  • Work on invoices
  • Go to bed before 11PM
  • Track steps with my Fitbit
  • Catch up on social media
  • Find some time to be alone
  • Hang out by a body of water
  • Find fresh air
  • Spend quality time with family
  • Make pumpkin pie
  • Prep/Cook Thanksgiving dinner
  • Take a holiday card photo
  • Read a book (this is what I’m into right now)
  • Finalize Etsy stuff and post (cards! Workbook!)
  • Celebrate/honor the anniversary of my mom’s death with family dinner
  • Make some Art/write in journal
  • Pull out Christmas decorations
  • Make lists for Christmas

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • prep for a conference call
  • order books
  • exercise/go to the gym
  • make doc appointment
  • trip to post office
  • volunteer at school
  • make treats for school function
  • delete photos from phone
  • catch up on social media
  • thanksgiving post
  • work through emails
  • drink more water
  • make a batch of kombucha
  • write down meals in food journal
  • rsvp to party
  • make time for art
  • get enough sleep
  • work on a new recipe
  • finalize Thanksgiving plans
  • return at Target
  • track steps with my Fitbit
  • bookkeeping work


Mantra for the Week:


Intentions for the Week // shutterbean.com



Self-Care Strategies for the Holidays. Make time for yourself! More on Shutterbean.com!

Self Care Strategies for the Holidays.

I re-read this last week and was so happy to find it again. I really needed it. I hope it helps you too if you’re around a bunch of family and need an eject button!

Don’t forget to write down your Intentions for the Week. It will help hold you accountable!




  • Susan

    I hope your week goes well, and that you will be very kind to yourself. My mom passed 3 years ago. I have a small idea how you are feeling this week. Hoping you have glimpses of grace each day as you prepare for Thanksgiving. I follow you from Zurich.

  • Kaye Lyssy Berman

    I know this will be an emotional week for you and your family. So glad you will be together and have a plan to celebrate your Mom. Thinking about you during this tough time. Thank you for sharing her and your memories of her with us!

  • Sara

    Sending you a big hug on this hard week. Praying you sees signs of your mom to bring you comfort.

  • Sarah

    My sister passed away in May and my father in law in August. I am not mentally prepared for the emotions I will be feeling this week. Sending you a giant hug this holiday!

    • Tracy

      Sending you hugs back. I am so sorry for your losses. That is a lot of grief to carry as we enter the holiday season. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. xo

  • lee

    Sending you love and hugs from Kentucky! May this week be full of grace and comfort in feeling whatever you need to feel…and full of joy in your memories and traditions.

  • Marla Solano

    Sending you love, strength and peace ✨♥️

  • Sina

    As often, I’m amazed at how much you get done in one week! I remember reading last week’s intention thinking: that is quite a lot of things to do. And you crossed almost everything off!
    I cannot say the same about my lists… Maybe I have to rethink what I put on that list for a week because, as I’ve experienced often lately, frustration is not far off with an over-eager list.

    Thinking of you and your family! <3

    • Tracy

      I think it makes it easier to get things done when I know I have thousands of people looking at my list 😉

  • Edlyn

    Hey Tracy, I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you and your family as you celebrate this holiday without your mom. You’ve helped so many people by sharing your grief, your gifts and your light so I hope you get a lot of time to take good care of yourself. Your mom is so so so proud of you, I just know it! I’m still so very sorry for your loss. Lots of love to you and yours. Shine on.

    • Tracy

      Thanks so much, Edlyn. I wouldn’t still be sharing if it wasn’t for all the love and support of my readers. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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