i caught the organizing bug!

started off by cleaning out my pantry this weekend.

Here’s what it looked like BEFORE:


and here is the AFTER:


I went through my spice rack and tossed stuff that was old. I also had tons of bags of spices that were just thrown about. UGGGH.
I actually did a lot more organizing after that AFTER pic was taken. A trip to IKEA made it even better!

I took some of my extra baby bottles and put spice in them:

organized spices

I love the results! They are easy to read and really easy to use! Plus I didn’t have to shell out extra money and waste more plastic to get it done.


The organizing didn’t stop there.

Casey put some cabinet doors on our bookshelves in the sitting room:

new cabinet doors

I straightened up the area (which normally is home to a playpen/Ulitmate fighter cage for coops)

you clean up nicely, room

It will be exciting to be able to use this area one day!

I had this black frame sitting on my dining room table for the past two months. It needed to go up, but I had nothing to put in it.

I decided to just bite the bullet and put some fabric in (which is a temporary fix). I will get back to putting something legit in there one day. This will do for now. And at least it’s up!!

new frame

In our bedroom, we’ve been staring at a blank wall for about three years now. I bought some frames today, and Casey put up the illustrations I cherish!

in the bedroom

A portrait of Casey & I (done by Ashley Goldberg) and portraits of our “power animals.”

This makes me smile:

us & our power animals

This evening I tackled the first of 3 cabinets in my craft room- THE SEWING CABINET!

Here’s the BEFORE (brace yourself)



sewing closet

Sweet Peaches, this makes me feel good!

sewing closet

Now it’s time to sit back and relax…at least until the next organizing surge arrives.

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