November 28, 2009

Let the Holiday Season Begin!

it sprinkled

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did!!!  Lots of activity at my mom’s house. We had great food, great wine & great company as usual.

Because I was so busy in the kitchen, I managed to take only 1 photo on Thanksgiving day.  It was this one here of Cooper on the way to my parent’s house.  We were hoping he’d take a little cat nap on the way there- but no.  He just relaxed in his car seat and looked out the window. We recently switched his car seat to front facing and a whole new world has opened up for him.

It is insane to see how much he’s grown.  This year it was his second Thanksgiving!  And for that I am so thankful!

happy thanksgiving!

Here he was- a little sleeper on his first Thanksgiving. Almost two months old.

Time flies!

So I’ve had my share of leftovers and have been overdosing on vegetables today as a result.  The weather is beautiful here.  A nice crispy fall afternoon today. Perfect weather for our afternoon walk.

Leaves are changing around my house and falling off incredibly fast.

leaves changing

The yellow of the leaves outside our sitting room has provided a different kind of light which I’m enjoying.  I caught myself trying to turn the light switch off, but it was just the leaves that were casting soo much light in the room.

I’ve been doing some organizing around the house in my attempt to stay out of the crowds of shoppers. I am enjoying taking a look at what we already have before we go out and buy anything for Christmas. Plus it feels nice to not spend money, even though it’s tempting!

You getting ready for the holidays?  Our tree is going up this weekend!  Did you get yours yet?

So what’s cooking??  What’s your favorite thing to eat between Thanksgiving & Christmas?

  • Michelle

    That photo is much better than a pic of the turkey on the table! What a sweet little guy. I got a pic of my pies on Wed., but that’s about where it ended. Just too much going on to stop for photos. Now ~ onto Christmas cookies!

  • laura

    mmmmm he is deliciously yummy! What a doll. I took no pictures either my camera is dead. On a happier not I may have finally recovered from our vacation and I hope I didn’t blow you off for too long. I loved hanging out with you 🙂 Can’t wait to come back!!

  • Tracy

    michelle! you are so sweet. Thank you. We are bizzy bees this year!

    Laura- oh no! i hope you get it fixed soon. I am glad to see you are back and kicking! I loved hanging out with you too! SOOO much fun! SOO much! happy holidaze sweets!

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