productive sunday:

I woke up kinda hungover, but powered through. Soo much to get done! This is Spring Cleaning weekend!!!

Casey cleaned the kitchen for me and I immediately started cracking on my chores. It’s soo nice when someone cleans your kitchen for you. It wipes the slate clean and the stress… THE STRESS of having to clean ANOTHER bowl makes me throw in the towel…over and over. I make such a mess in the kitchen and cannot keep up with my brain. It was the equivalent to an 80 minute back massage. I am serious about this.

I went through the freezer and tossed out old crap to make room for the baby food I made this AM. This should last a little while:

productive sunday: baby food making

I made some croutons out of sourdough wheat bread:

productive sunday: crouton making

I whipped up some pesto for sandwiches & some pasta this week:

productive sunday: pesto making

I planted some more tomato plants & a little mint plant in containers in the backyard:

productive sunday: planted more tomatoes & some mint

I turned this messy drawer….

productive sunday: project messy drawer BEFORE shot

into something a little more approachable:

productive sunday: organized drawer AFTER shot

  • Puhvis Kukk

    What kind of baby food did you make? I’m expecting in June and was shocked by how expensive baby food is. Like $1 for one tiny jar.

    • Tracy

      i make:

      -green peas
      -sweet potatoes

      avocados & bananas don’t need cooking, so that’s super easy!

      waiting til he is a little bit older to add more

      I buy all organic- It’s sooo much cheaper, and you get to control what you put in your baby’s body. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but you aren’t inundated with little glass jars. I do buy some jarred baby food every now and then so I have back up in my diaper bag in case we are out and I need it. Congratulations!

  • galexiegirl

    Only you could make a photo of a jumbled drawer look pretty….hah! Love it.

  • Lana

    Wow – Coop is stocked up! Aren’t those baby cube things awesome? I need to pick up more – I used up an entire set cooking a head of broccoli!

  • Dana

    I hear you with the dishes. When I have a sink full of them and counters stacked as well, I just want to throw the whole lot out and start over. 🙂

  • Julie

    Love the homemade baby food. I have 5 1/2 month old twins and have been using ice cube trays. Once they are frozen, you get 16 one ounce cubes stored in a freezer bag — perfect single serving sizes. We are also doing butternut squash and they love it. Congrats!

  • Tracy

    haha alexandra! i should take some pics of the cat hair tumbleweeds and see if they would turn out prettie. i think not!

    lana- i LOVE them. I have another pack waiting to be opened! I am thinking they would be good for pesto and maybe chicken stock too!

    dana- so glad you feel my pain! Your website rocks btw! I bookmarked a bunch of recipes to try!

    Julie- another good idea! thanks for that.

  • Lana

    I was thinking of freezing some herbs at the end of summer in them too.

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