August 20, 2010

Thank you for the Birthday wishes!!!!

You are all soo sweet and awesome. You helped make my birthday SOOO special. You have no idea!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!

Over a week ago, I vowed to eat healthy so I could totally go nuts on my birthday.  If you are gonna go big, you might as well do it on your birthday, right?!  I totally GORGED myself and rembered what it’s like to have my stomach reach it’s maximum capacity! Not pleasant…but totally worth it—especially the dessert part!  Be patient, we will get to that in a second!

I started the day off by SMOTHERING coconut oil on my toast for breakfast (sorry not pictured). I’m like totally IN LOVE with coconut oil lately! It deserves its own post for sure! Look out for that soon!

My dad took me out to a really yummy Seafood lunch@ Swan Oyster Depot in SF for lunch!

We always get there pretty early to get a seat. I love going there with him. It’s really old-timey & fun.

I thought it was funny to see a Keep Calm and Carry On poster on their walls!

I ordered an Anchor Steam & we got a dozen cherrystone clams on the half shell to start with.

I had the combo salad with a special mustard vinaigrette! It has fresh cracked crab & shrimp on top. TASTY!

I love their sourdough bread! It’s always fun to sit at the bar and get really snarky with the guys that make your food!

My coworker hooked me up with Birthday Baklava & a nut/fruit spread! Soo pretty!

Casey & I went out to a FANCY dinner at Marche in Menlo Park. We ordered the 6 course Chef’s tasting menu!

We dipped into our wine cellar and brought a 2008 William Selyem Allen Vineyard Pinot Noir. Soo lovely!

We started off with an amuse bouche–a tomato sorbet!  First course= albacore sashimi with honeydew melon.

We then had a wonderful heirloom tomato salad with pesto & fresh stracciatella cheese (I thought it was just an ice cream).

There was also a sweet corn soup with a  fried zucchini blossom stuffed with scallops & shrimp.

There was salmon with bacon on top & tomatoes with a corn sauce.

The next course was a lamb with eggplant caponata with a tahini-like (?) sauce that was fab!

This is the point where I got kinda buzzed & forgot what was in the dishes!

Dessert was insane! You see those things that look like Hershey kisses? It’s like a thick chocolate mousse on top of a crunchy crispy layer (that was kind of like a Butterfinger) with a SALTY ganache meets brownie bottom. To the right, there’s peanut butter gelato on top of peanuts that were fried (I think). INSANE (for sure).

They gave us a few little chocolates with the bill. I love when that happens.

This is the point where I needed to be wheeled out to the car.

What an amazing day! As you can see, I totally went ALL OUT!!!

Thanks again! Especially to those who I’ve never seen comment before! It’s nice to meet you around ’round these parts!

I can’t wait to get cracking on my 31 list!! It’s gonna be fun!



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