July 9, 2021


Where Flowers Bloom, So Does Hope. - I love lists art by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. I love vending machines.
  2. Some ways to compost your food scraps.
  3. A case for banning mansions.
  4. Let’s read how Martha Stewart starts her day.
  5. Wallpaper sure can transform a room! Wow!
  6. How to keep deer out of your garden.
  7. Mourning the loss of my old phone number.
  8. People sharing industry secrets.
  9. You used to be able to tow a trailer with a VW Beetle.
  10. I am excited to see Beyond is making chicken nuggets!
  11. This app would have been handy during our Lego phase here. 
  12. Tree burials are big in Japan. 
  13. I want every robe in this Etsy shop! 
  14. The lie of expired food. 
  15. Vintage photos of women in bathing suits. Fashion!
  16. Wow. These Audobon photography photos!
  17. Doggos without front legs receiving prosthetic carts. Awwww.
  18. The sound of millions of butterflies.
  19. This vegetarian take on a BLT looks amazing. 
  20. Underrated stops along the pacific highway.

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  • Kris

    So curious if you have a landline and have the same number from your childhood? I too live in my childhood home, but my pop dropped the phone line before I could ask him not to. I still mourn the loss of those 7 digits.

  • Peggy

    Both my parents are gone, but my nephew and his family moved into my old house. They have my childhood phone number now

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