*MY* new lunch sack

I’ve been on the lookout for a new lunch sack for COOPER  because the one I’ve been using for his food broke. Stupid zippers. It was really cute too! It had navy & magenta apples. It was pretty girly, but I bought it because I liked it.  He wasn’t at the age where he had an an opinion(he has one now!), so I took the liberty. It’s my money, isn’t it?!

I took a journey to San Francisco with my bff this past weekend, and spied this lunch sack within the first 15 seconds of walking into a cute little boutiquey shop. MINE!! IT MUST BE MINE!! And that’s when the love affair started.

Here’s a side shot. Yes I have dual monitors at work with my kid’s mug on them! <3

I like it because:

  • It’s bold.
  • We can learn the alphabet!
  • It’s well insulated! Nothing is gonna spill into my big ass purse.
  • It stands out in my office fridge (don’t take my shit!)
  • There’s a convenient handle on top.
  • The velcro is SUPER strong.
  • I love the font & get nostalgic for that old timey *paper*
  • It’s got a place where I can put Cooper’s My name.

I found it for you on Amazon! There’s some other cute stuff in the alphabet design too! I’ve got my eye on that spoon & fork! Look at the Floor Splat Mat!! The company is named Sugar Booger! Isn’t that silly?

And while we’re at it…let’s see what I’m having for lunch today:

Vegetable Minestrone & a sweet potato with some butter! YUM

Sorry, Coops!! Momma is holding your lunch sack hostage. I’ll buy you a special one when you are actually in school! Promise!

  • Michelle

    Oh! I saw this lunchsack in one of the gift shops of a Smithsonian museum! I can’t remember which museum it was in, but I tried to talk my daughter into loving it with no luck.

  • Yaz

    Oh so cute! I may need to snag one for myself sometime soon.

  • Jessica

    Ooh, my roommate would love that! She teaches 1st grade and would probably make all the other teachers jealous. 🙂

  • Dana

    I just bought Graham a lunch box today and he wanted Darth Vader. So not cute. Have I told you how much I love that your shoes are in your shots?

  • bridget

    that’s really cute- and the lunch looks delish. have you seen the kids konserve lunch boxes with all the reuseable stuff inside? they’re great.

  • j. vorwaller

    THAT is adorable! I’m buying one for my son’s new school year – so perfect! 🙂 Great tip.

  • Kristin

    We love sugarbooger. We spotted their sippy cups (same design as this lunch bag) over christmas in a baby shop near SF. I can’t get enough of that retro ABC paper. Brings me right back to 2nd grade (sniffle).

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