My Everyday Life Week 3

Here’s what this past week looked like- My Everyday Life Week 3

Found some good light & hope this week. Thank goodness. 

Meal prepping!

Cookies were a good call.

I make lists and stick to them.

See? My Intentions for the Week List helps!

Laundry helpers.

My zen spot.

A classic night.

Things I’m growing.

Problem- the mess of clothes and random things on the stairs that people have to sort through to put stuff away.

THE SOLUTION! Everyone gets their own basket for the stairs. 


Laminated with my laminator.


I used binder clips to keep them on.

New recipe on the blog this week! Sausage & White Bean Bake!

I had leftovers with marinara and it was SO GOOD.


Neighbors went all out!

Found a mushroom on a walk.

Got to walk Walter and we found a cat!

Something we must keep alive for future generations.

This week I learned that golden retrievers love mud puddles. 


Good boi getting a good wash.

Found this pic of my Mom this week and OMG she looks like Cooper here!

Notes from last year- listening to Ghost of a Podcast. A lot of good points!

What a coffee table looks like when you have a boy.

Made an oldie recipe- Life-Changing Vegan Thumbprint Cookies.


Night time walk with husbean.

This tree has seen some things.

He leads the way.

Highlight of the week- seeing a double rainbow!

Lunch at home got fancy.

Welcome to your new home, babies.

Mama’s got a new sourdough starter and her name is Juliette!

The prettiest stack.

Weirdo alert.

I also made cornflake marshmallow cookies for friends.

A hot pinot!

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