Craft Project: Silhouette Portrait!

I’ve been wanting to do a silhouette portrait of Cooper since the day he was born!

new addition

In the midst of our super busy Labor Day weekend, I finally busted one out!

I used this contrasty photograph of him in front of our sunny guest room curtains.

I played around in Photoshop- cropping out his silhouette from the background…

working on it...

I printed out a copy  and traced it onto a thick piece of black card stock-then I cut that out.


I lined our fancy IKEA frame with yellow striped fabric and taped his portrait on top.

soo reflective

And here it is! (so far)

hello cooper!

I’m going to enlist the help of my neighbor to write COOPER in her perfect/scripty handwriting.

I’ll place that underneath his portrait.

It feels really good to have that done. I keep staring at it because it totally looks like him–especially in the nose & lip area!

I’m really enjoying all the yellow accents in my living room. Can’t wait to decorate my mantle for Halloween!!!

  • zara

    how brilliant is that?! i love how it turned out. loving the yellow and the wall o’ photos..
    also, i have the same printer 🙂

  • Linda

    I love it. My sister Kathleen collects antique silhouettes that she finds at flea Markets, tag sales, etc. Phil and I had them done for Spencer and Emma when we took them to Disneyland and they are precious to me.

  • Jessica

    What a great idea! That came out so well…hope we get an update when it’s finished. 🙂 Even though I adore bright colors, I’ve become so obsessed with grey – that living room rocks!

    • Tracy

      Grey is a wonderful neutral! You can add any color to it and it pretty much works! I’ll post the update when it’s done for sure!

  • katie w

    so cute! i used that striped fabric for a project….so pretty.

  • Janet

    Cute! Love the striped fabric, too. You are so crafty!

  • jen

    love it! i have been wanting to do these too, now i know how.

  • jen

    p.s. love that photo of him on the bed.

  • Nicole

    I have a serious crush on your wall! The contrast of the primary-colored stripes and vintage-inspired frame is a definite winner. Love it!

  • Joy

    You all such have magazine-worthy houses, don’t you??? I’m with Nicole here — total wall crush. And Cooper’s portrait up there couldn’t have been more perfect!

  • Kristen

    It turned out really great! I think im going to have to try it…

  • bridget

    that looks soooo great.

  • jenny

    this is the greatest!!!! i’ve wanted to do one forever, why have i not!?

    • Tracy

      i really think you should do one…but I can imagine you doing it in a color! Like orange or yellow!! That would be soo much fun in your house! xoxo

  • Regan M Parks

    dude, stop it with the crafty shit because you are keeeeelling me. Want!

    • Tracy

      you could totally do it, doood! Put tru in front of one of your sunniest windows while he is playing and snap away!!!

  • Anna

    I love that the gray! And I love the blue in your living room (blue? teal? I don’t know).

    Can you just make a list of the colors you have in your home? PLEASE? LOVE love love!

    • Tracy

      Thanks Anna!
      Are you asking for a list of the paint colors? I’m gonna have to go look in our basement at the cans! It might take awhile!
      I have 3 blue rooms & 1 dark teal wall
      My living room is two different shades of gray with a light gray ceiling…
      My bedroom is a chocolate brown…
      is there a specific paint you are interested in?

  • jessie

    so sweet.. just another project for me to put on the to do list.. love it!

  • Anna

    No, I’m not interested in a specific paint, just the brand name and colors. I can always get things color-matched…

    If you ever get around to checking out those paint cans in your basement, I would love to know the details. Just saying’ 🙂

    The gray I painted my bedroom with is sadly not cooperating. And I painted a bathroom wall teal once and everyone from my grandmother down would comment on how “wonderfully 80s” it was. UGH.

  • Jennifer

    ugh! thank you So much for posting this! I’ve been wanting to do separate silhouettes of my husband and I for our house, but I wasn’t quite confidant in going about doing it. I feel MUCH better now. Thanks 🙂 I love it!

  • kathy

    Great project.
    I just painted my walls the same color. I love it, matching almost every other color for feature wall possibilities. So far have used four other colors around the house. They all look fab. Grey is the new neutral.

  • Amy

    Just beautiful!

    Much Love.

  • Dee.D

    oh woww! that looks so cool!!

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