What’s in my bag??

yup my favorite

If you’ve seen some of my bag posts, you might already know that I’ve been on the search for THEE PERFECT handbag for what seems like FOREVER. I’m never 100% satisfied with my handbag purchases because I get so close to finding one that’s PERFECT and then there’s something that always ruins it. The straps, the pockets, the lining, how it doesn’t fit all the stuff I have…you name it.

For a handbag, size is always important. I like a bag that can expand to hold all the crap I *need* to carry around. I’m sooo not the dainty bag kinda girl. Even if I don’t use all the items everyday, I don’t want to be without them. It’s my sense of security. Pockets are SUPER important in a bag. They can totally make or break the bag. A pretty lining is a big plus, but it’s cool if the lining is totally black. Two of my favorite bags aren’t my FAVORITES because they have a tan interior. I’m just not a tan person! I also have a bag that is super cute but it’s got a silky pink lining. Nope! So not me! Now that I’m a momma, I prefer a cross-body bag which means I’ve had to ditch a lot of my old standbys. I just don’t have the arm strength to carry a bag AND a 30lb.+ kid through a bizzy parking lot. It helps me feel more secure having my bag tucked to the side of my hip.

what's in my bag?

So here’s my new favorite bag and here’s what’s in it! I got it from Banana Republic in September. SEPTEMBER! I’ve been using it SINCE SEPTEMBER. This is a HUGE victory for me. I probably would have bought a bag or two in that time frame if it wasn’t for this perfect bag. I think the original price was somewhere in the $180 range, but I picked it up for $120 with an awesome online promo codes! I also got some cash back on my purchase with Ebates. My friend Regan totally got me hooked on that site!  There might be some of you who think that $180 is not a lot to pay for a bag and there could be a few of you who think it’s too expensive. Guess what? I’m kind of a cheap ass. There are certain price points I feel guilty about and I felt totally nervous about this purchase until the bag arrived. As I’m getting older, I don’t have the time waste on things that don’t work. I want a bag that prevents me from buying MORE bags. When I think about how much I love it and how often I use it, it’s totally worth it. When the bag came in the mail, it came with a beautiful storage cover and all the hardware was perfectly wrapped in tissue paper, as not to scratch the bag. You get what you pay for! Quality over quantity.

And here’s my wallet. Sigh…

yup. pretty much.

Yes. Proof I have a toddler. The day this Hobo International wallet arrived in the mail, Cooper took a blue sharpie and colored all over the front of it. I got most of it out, but not all of it. I understand why my parents got super upset when we ruined some of their things as kids. But…oh well! I smile every time I look at it. Silly kids.

what's in my makeup bag?

Here’s what I keep in my bag. Advil is a must. Headaches suck. I’m a savior when other people have them! I always get the comment “Wow! You have EVERYTHING in your bag!” Toothpicks. Weird right? These ones are minty and I like to use one on my commute home. Don’t worry! I’m in the car by myself when I’m toothpicking. I guess it’s better than picking my nose in my car. Too much information? Sorry. I carry around a lot of lip stuff, but rarely remember to use it. At least I have it in a pinch! I always carry this Tocca Cleopatra solid perfume in my makeup bag. I love the way it smells. It’s like I’m walking into my happy place- Anthropologie! Instant mood adjustment!

list making

Another reason why I need a big bag? I like to keep my journal with me. Even though I could use a dozen apps on my phone to keep myself organized, I still like to write stuff down. Grocery lists, TO DO lists & blog ideas/notes go into that journal. This cool journal came with my subscription to UPPERCASE magazine. It’s made with recycled pages from the magazine so there’s a lot of fun things to look at in there. Oh! These are my favorite pens! I can’t be without them. They complete me.

my savior

And one last necessity! My bag has a little ring that I can hang my keys off of. Because I’m always losing my keys in the bottom of my bags, I like to secure them off of the hook from my bag. I use what’s called a carabiner key chain. I also like to hang the keys off my pant loop if I don’t have my purse with me. You can always hear me coming, but I prefer that to being the chick who loses her keys every 5 minutes.

I’ve resisted the urge to buy a new bag for over 4 months now. Maybe I’ll get a new one to celebrate?!

Wait…just kidding.

  • Dana

    This is hilarious. I am totally planning a post with some random stuff including what is in my purse. Hint, not nearly as organized as yours.

    • Tracy

      haha! I just read your post and I’m planning a “WOOPS I didn’t read the recipe right post!” We’re in sync.

  • kellyhicks

    I completely agree on buying a quality bag that you love then buying a bunch of cheapo bags that you will use once. Plus who wants to transfer all their stuff to a new bag everyday. not me!

  • miss james

    haha. i love the word carabiner. you’re cute!

  • kickpleat

    Ha! I love your bag. I’m a cross-body bag girl, so I love this one (and boo, it’s no longer available – but even $120 is too pricey for my blood – but maybe I should just grow up already & splurge on a good one). Your wallet is too cute and do tell me more about this vanilla cola lip stuff!

    • Tracy

      yes! grow up! You’ll save money in the long run… this leather bag is gonna be around for awhile. Oooh lippy! Maybe I’ll send you some. It’s GOOOOOOD.

  • Kathleen

    Awesome idea about clipping your keys to the outside of your bag! I’m copying!

  • joy the baker

    i’m about to buy the vintage coach bag that i’ve been obsessed with forever.

    also… can you please make room to hold my chapstick? cause… yea.

  • Vanessa

    How funny, I do the same thing with my keys!! Carabiners are lifesavers!

  • Allison

    Love the bag! Super cute and I especially love the color.

    I, too, have had to switch to cross-body bags since I’m chasing my toddler around all the time. I recently got a Queen Bee bag (made locally here in Portland), and I love it! Just in case you ever “need” another bag… :o)


  • Brandy

    ah, we have the exact same wallet! the markings just give it some extra personality. 🙂

  • Cyndi B

    Yep, I have the exact same bag. I had been looking for a year and a half for the RIGHT bag.. I got mine for $120 with the same online promo. I too LOVE the bag. Dealing with two little kids means it has to be a sling otherwise I will put it down, forget about it & leave it while I am off chasing my kids. Most of the slings out there are far to small or too crazy big or have a magnetic clap to close which simply won’t due for me. The zipper is the only way to go! I have had so MANY compliments on my bag because it truly is the PERFECT bag! Glad you are enjoying yours too!!! ;o)

  • Joy

    I do the same thing with my keys! and I need to have my paper journal. And the hilarious thing is, that small bag that once used to house the Anthropologie card? I used that for my phone! 😀

  • jujubefamily

    loving this post! i like being snoop-y. hahaha
    oh, and amen to cross body bags. i have funky shoulders that does not support straps.

  • Sarah D

    I believe we are purse soul-mates. I am ALWAYS looking for the perfect purse. Everything you said was spot on! I have yet to find my “it” bag and continue to change every few weeks( I don’t buy a new one every few weeks- just rotate). I am also that person that everyone comes to when they need something- I always have it in my purse. In fact we played a game at my bridal shower where you got points for what was in your purse…I stomped everyone at the table. You just never know when you are going to need it!

  • cindy

    love this post! i am always on the hunt for “the” bag. the contents of mine are oddly similar to yours, down to the notebook and the perfume solid from anthropologie (dreamy!). i like to be prepared 🙂

  • deb

    Hobo wallet! They’re the best. I insist on one of those click-open change purses and it’s the only brand that uses them in almost all of their designs. Jacob has not Sharpie-d it yet but give him time.

    • Tracy

      You better protect yours!! This is my second hobo (love them!). This one is the smaller one. I used to have the clutch one and LOVED it. It’s just too big now. I am a fan of their cool linings too…and their purses are pretty awesome too.

  • KosherCorvid

    Reminds me of a cute bag I found on stuffsamust.com. It says “Such was the power of the handbag of glory that ladies wept when they saw it and those who touched it went straight to heaven.” It seems like we’re all looking for that perfect bag, and instead we settle for the two or five or ten that call to us for this or that particular situation.

  • Sandra

    i absolutely love those blue pens. i’ve been using them for years. LOL

  • deepa

    I did this a while ago on Flickr and it is my most viewed photo, random!
    I have so many handbags and I swap them over depending on the day/time/weather/mood I am in. Which means I have things scattered around in various handbags, not good.

    I need a good handbag, and to get organised!

  • Kim

    What is the name of that bag?? I wish I could find it online. I have also been looking for the perfect bag. I’m very tiny (5’0 tall) and I just ordered a bag a few months ago and it is GIANT!! I hated how big it was because I don’t carry a lot of stuff with me but my other bag was just too small. I recently purchased a great Kate Spade bag……..the medium Lucia and while it is bigger than I’m used to I think I love it.

  • Leah

    Not to be picky (great post) but the spelling errors jumped out at me:

    bizzy: busy


    Thee: the


  • Jessica

    Ahh, that is my kind of purse…perfect size, style, and it’s grey! For the wallet, this may sound weird, but have you tried using hairspray on the sharpie? It totally works for me every time…even got some pen off of a leather chair with it!

  • Michelle

    I have a little fushia colored hobo bag that I adore. I use it all year and it just goes with everything. I’ll be so sad when it finally wears out.

  • Ashley

    If I dumped the contents of my bag out it would be cookie crumbs, snot rags, and loose change. Not pretty. Yours, on the other hand is inspiring.

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