Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Spritzers

grapefruit cucumber gin

TWO cocktails in a ROW?! What’s going on with you, Tracy? Honestly, it’s a classic case of denial. I’m still coming back to reality and holding onto EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT of what I experienced last week. I want to write up the last part from my retreat but I feel too raw about it. Is that weird? I think maybe that’s why I’m holding off on scanning my Polaroids. It’s kinda like how my friend has refused to watch the last episode of Freaks & Geeks because she doesn’t want it to end. That’s where I am right now. So to ignore it, I had a few cocktails with my magic making neighbor today. She always has something cool going on in her house and when I walked in today I yelled “OMG! I forgot how your house is totally a stylist’s wet dream!” Yes I said that. I say stuff like that all the time. It’s totally true, though! You should see what she has on her back porch.


I tinkered with this drink today and nailed it! I took the idea of the grapefruit soda in the Jen & Tonics from the Joy Retreat and used some leftover cucumbers from the Boozy Cucumber Coolers to make this libation. The cucumber brings out the herbal quality of the gin and the grapefruit soda adds a nice sweet & bitter tang- much like tonic water… This drink and the Boozy Cucumber Coolers are duking it out to be THE drink of SUMMER 2011 on my street. We shall see who will win the battle of deliciousness! Care to weigh in?

Look at this glass. Look at it with afternoon light!

i love this cup

I mean…how cute is it???


And how tasty are those cucumbers that SOAK UP ALL OF THE BOOZE??!!!


Also, for the record. I LOVE HENDRICK’S GIN. I just don’t happen to have any at home right now so calm down with all your tweets & comments about the stuff. I’m in the know. It’s super good but I’m a cheap ass right now and Costco came through. Hence…the Tanqueray. Don’t judge.

Grapefruit Cucumber Gin Spritzers

makes 1

  • 4 slices cucumber
  • 3/4 cup pink grapefruit soda
  • 1.5 oz gin
  • splash of soda water
  • squeeze of lime
  • ice cubes

Muddle the slices of cucumber in a glass. You want to break them up so they give off a bit of juice. Add the ice, gin and grapefruit soda. Pour a splash of soda water on top and finish with a squeeze of lime. Pop a straw in and you’re good to go. The cucumbers taste soooo good at the end. You’ll love it.

  • jenifer

    this post made me giggle. it might also be the jen&tonic libation giggling though too… 😉 love you girlie.

  • Emily

    Yum – loving all these ways to use that gin I have lying around!

    P.S. I was just drinking out of a glass from that set earlier today! 🙂

  • roxy

    I lover that cup! My Bf has one and I’m planning on nabbing it one of these days…btw these remind me of a summer day! Can’t wait to make ’em

  • Donna

    It is too perfect that you spelled it “sprtizers” in the first pic of this booze centric post. I’m not being facetious, I swear – the typo makes it so charming (and must also be a testament to the efficacy of the drink!). 😉

    • Tracy

      haha!!! nice catch. my gin soaked mind didn’t see the difference. However…I’m a little sober now and it MUST be changed. 🙂

  • jen goff

    i just had a drink with cucumber, lime, basil, ginger and gin last night. Guess who I thought of?? Miss you.

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  • Jessica

    Oh man, this sounds great, too! I think I might prefer it with the fizzy grapefruitiness. The booze in the kids cups is so wrong and so right (and too cute!)….I’ve always wanted to drink margaritas out of sippy cups!

  • Natalie

    Love all these gin recipes! My hubby and I are making the boozy cucumber coolers tonight…or this afternoon if I can get away from work! I bought blood orange soda from Central Market and mixed it with gin a few weeks ago. Heavenly!

  • Laura

    I’m obsessed with this!
    Have been making it twice this week already!

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