October 7, 2011

I Love Lists FRIDAY!

Friends! I’m starting a new feature here. I LOVE LISTS, FRIDAY! Because I LOVE lists AND I want to share them with you! I’m gathering 10 awesome things I’ve seen around the internet every week. Spreading the love & spreading the fun! Hope you enjoy!

  1. How amazing is this WILLY WONKA themed Birthday Party?! via Modern Kiddo
  2. Microwaves do more than just cook popcorn! via The Kitchn
  3. Must get on board with this fried apple ring trend! via 5 Second Rule
  4. Did you know that  3 year olds can have crushes? This is so flippin’ cute! via Frecklewonder
  5. I love curry. I love chickpeas. Curry Fried Chickpeas! via Spoon Fork Bacon
  6. Trying on a wedding dress never looked so good! via Bleubird Vintage
  7. Making salt & pretty pictures! via Not Without Salt
  8. I’m such a sucker for a sexy, glamorous room! via Desire to Inspire.
  9. Thinkin’ of making Vanilla Extract as Xmas gifts this year (what? too early!?) via Joy the Baker
  10. Is it happy hour yet? This Fantastic Fuji cocktail looks mighty fine! via Eat Make Read

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