My Everyday Life: Week 8

Here’s what this week looked like:

Saturday morning breakfast. Semifreddi’s Cinnamon Twist challah is INSANITY.

my everyday life: week 8

I layered two scarves together this week.

my everyday life: week 8

Two runners, a guy reading a book & a palm tree.

my everyday life: week 8

Hey there.

my everyday life: week 8

I bought myself some branches this week. They are starting to blossom.

my everyday life: week 8

Outside. Backyard.

my everyday life: week 8

Post-bath camera playing.

my everyday life: week 8

Lots of grays. These heels KILLED my feet.

my everyday life: week 8

Stuck in traffic.

my everyday life: week 8

A kale slaw that I’m obsessed over. Recipe soon!

my everyday life: week 8

Dinner for three.

my everyday life: week 8

A little rainbow moment in the sink.

my everyday life: week 8

Meal planning. Trying to at least.

my everyday life: week 8

Cooper’s hand made b-day card.

my everyday life: week 8

This balloon lived with us for the whole week.

my everyday life: week 8

Made a scrumptious creamy carrot soup. Recipe soon!

my everyday life: week 8

My mom went to Target with us. She got Cooper to wear hats.

my everyday life: week 8

I can never get him to wear hats.

my everyday life: week 8

Boy does he look good in a fedora or WHAT?!

my everyday life: week 8

Soup & salad at Il Fornaio. I totally sent my first soup back 🙁

my everyday life: week 8

Insert expletive here ______________.

my everyday life: week 8

I bought three nail polishes this week. I haven’t worn red in YEARS.

my everyday life: week 8

Cooper wanted me to paint his pointer fingernail while we were in the Beauty store.

This crayola invisible finger paint kit is no good btw. We are not fans.

my everyday life: week 8

Pasta & shells for lunch.

my everyday life: week 8

I let Cooper pick out the color. This is Warm & Fozzie (muppet OPI collection). LOVE.

my everyday life: week 8

  • Bailey W.

    Cooper has such great taste!

  • elisabeth

    I love your photography. Love.

  • Roxy

    Are those grey heels from target?

    • Tracy

      YES!! They felt great for like 20 minutes and then after an hour in I was like WHHHHHHYYYYY??!! I should know better. I’ve never had a good pair of shoes from target. 🙁

      • Roxy

        I have those shoes too! After walking in SF ALL day my feet were killin me! They are def stand for 30 minutes and sit for the rest of your day shoes.

        • Tracy

          YES! I didn’t even have a long walk to my car from work and DANG did they hurt. I might have to retire them….sigh.

      • Roxy

        Try tights…I found it helped out with mine hurty grey shoes!

  • Kristen

    1) Love the runner / palm tree! Excellent timing.
    2) I can see the hurt in those heels. Ouch!
    and Cooper with the red pointer – I die.

  • erica barraca

    warm and fozzie is MY FAVORITE ever. i gotta get a full sized bottle of that before its gone!

    And cooper looks adorable in all those hats. We always take photos of eachother in silly hats and then post them on my mother in laws facebook page…not sure how this started, but our family all over the country does it now 🙂 its kinda fun….

    • Tracy

      I’m kind of obsessed with that color!

      what a great tradition! Now if only I could get him to wear a hat without my mom around…

  • JILL

    I totally covet your kitchen light fixture!
    Don’t judge me 😉

    • Tracy

      I covet it too! No judgment! We actually got it from home depot online a few years ago. It was SUPER reasonable!

  • Annie

    I admire the beauty you see and capture in the small things in every day life 🙂

  • Mariana

    Cooper is the cutiest chld I’ve ever seen

  • Briel K.

    Regarding the fourth photo down my brain’s reaction was this: OMG they have that little guy in SF too? What does he mean? Who puts him on the streets?!

    I see him all the time here in LA. Usually he’s white. Do you know where he comes from? I’ve always been so curious!

    • Tracy

      No! No clue, but this is near my work. I walk pass it all the time 🙂

    • Rachel W.

      Street artists usually have a signature character or symbol that use repeatedly to get their “name” out. It’s how they build a following and become recognizable. It’s actually really interesting, I just watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop” on Netflix, it goes into much more details. 🙂

      • Tracy

        YES! I saw that documentary too. I forgot what the title was. It definitely made me more conscious of all the street art in San Francisco.

  • Karin

    Such fun shots. Love to take a peek in your life this way. The nailpolish is very pretty. And oh my, he does look handsome in his hat 🙂

    I made your Earl Grey Chocolate Cake for my birthday a couple of days ago by the way (it’s on my blog, linked to you). It was heavenly. Thank you so much. You made my birthday even more festive 🙂

  • Lucia

    Little rainbow moments and baloons living in our rooms: those are the things making life brighter.

  • Lori from a family's life

    You had lots of soup this week! Yum!
    love the nail polish choices!
    Your son is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing…

  • PerBer

    love the photo you took of the runners and palm tree. cooper is adorable in those hats.. when can he make a guest appearance on the podcast? hehe

  • Kim

    I have my eye on what looks like cinnamon swirl brioche . . .

  • Linda

    My grandson is The. Cutest. Boy. Ever!

  • Jane M

    I am a new fan of the nail polish lines, BUTTER and DEBORAH LIPPMANN! GAAAH! I even bought a bottle and UPS’d to my college grad/career gal daughter! Now I change my polish color DAILY! Love your EVERYDAY LIFE WEEK #8 and all the other weeks too!

    Time to get ready for my Academy Awards party!

    WOOT WOOT! Gotta great meal for my husband and friends.

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    Your pics are so good! Loving the nail varnish colour too!

  • Carissa

    Cooper’s going to steal some hearts someday, especially with that fedora!

  • Christina

    He looks adorb’s in the fedora!!!!

  • Victoria

    What’s the name of that purpleish polish? I think I like it!

    • Tracy

      I like it a lot! It’s actually brown….kinda like ummm…dark chocolate. It’s called I Brake For Manicures. It’s really versatile! And a good base if you are looking to do something sparkly on top!

  • Sweetmaddy

    2 things: cooper is scouted! Beautiful eyes! And I grew up eating that cinnamon bread-so delicious!

    • Tracy

      thank you! do you live in the bay area?! Cooper’s eye color in person kinda looks like the bay. Totally green. I LOOOOVE THAT BREAD.

  • ileana

    The balloon lived with us for the week…haha. I like that Warm and Fozzie nail color, too…I got it for a manicure right before New Year’s Eve.

  • Nicole

    I would have totally strangled myself if I layered two scarf. For serious.

  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    I really love this series, and your Friday lists. Thank you for doing those!

    On a totally unrelated note, I just had an inner dialogue moment where I said “Lentiiiiiiiils” to myself with an Oprah voice. Smile for the day? Check.

  • Vita

    Hey, I’ll probably look like an insane person, but I saw that tiny yellow human-like drawing on the pavement in your photo and I wanted to ask what it was. Is there some kind of movement, symbol or something? Couple years ago I’ve been to Washington, DC and I saw a very similar one, only in white ( It looked so weird there and now I am seeing it for the second time 😀 I know, a totally crazy person 😀
    You have a really nice and lovely blog and a good eye for the pictures 🙂

  • Rachael

    I love these posts! Just found them and devoured them in one sitting…which might have been a bad idea as I now have a wait for the next one!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us and inspiring me to take photos of my week too!

    Also – I love the warm and fozzie nail colour! 🙂

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