February 24, 2012

I love lists, Friday!

  1. Friends lift you higher! The sooner you realize that, the happier you’ll be! 🙂
  2. DIY Easy Skin Toner. I need to talk to Joy abut this one.
  3. This blog is so beautiful. And their house? I die.
  4. Chain Link Bread! We are all connected now. YAY.
  5. I am strangely drawn to these colors.
  6. Vegan Bear Claws? Twist my arm (yeah right).
  7. Creepy yet Cool!
  8. Soup. Words. Rhythm. I love this all.
  9. I’m so happy for my friends Lisa & Clay. Congrats, you two!
  10. I happen to be a tape lover and why YES, this is my paradise.
  11. I’m pretty excited to see a jar of coconut oil in Deb’s kitchen!
  12. FAIL HARDER! This makes my thumbs hurt.
  13. My hazelnut craving is further fueled by thekitchn this week.
  14. I just fell in love with NOTE TO SELF. Eye Candy galore!
  15. Robert Downey Jr. as pin-ups. Cannot look away. CANNOT.

Sexy In Sexy Out! Did that get your attention? The new Joy the Baker Podcast is up!

Do you secretly love to look inside people’s fridges? You can look in mine this week on High Straightenence!

Thank you Say Media for putting Shutterbean on the Online Food World map! Happy to be at the camera lens!

So nice to see my Earl Grey Chocolate Cake on the Honey Kennedy Blog!

  • mekis

    oh my. robert downey jr. cant cant cant get overrrr

  • fusilliamy

    Two things. I LOVE, I love lists, Friday! And, all your hazelnut talk has me making the chocolate hazelnut cake from Sky High, Irresistible Triple Layer Cakes. Thank you and thank you!

  • Beth

    I love lists, Friday is one of my favorite posts! But with Robert Downey Jr. this week? Awesomeness topped with awesome sauce.

  • Megan

    Robert Downey Jr.! Who knew!?

    And that pencil box blog has stolen my heart. I want to paint all my walls white now. Jeez, so lovely.

    • Tracy

      Jeez. I know. I don’t have a white wall in my house. Can you believe that?! Oh wait. I have white doors. Does that count??!

  • Megan Gordon

    Thank you so much for including me in this week’s list, Tracy! (And Hooray for coconut oil!) Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xo

  • Becky

    Sweet, as always! Taking a class from Lisa next month and couldn’t be more excited. Love these lists and love you (PS you are one of the people who lifts me higher, so thank you)

  • eileen

    I have a specific type of OCD where I LOVE to to clean by taking everything I own out, where it’s too late to go back and you can either live without seeing your floor or you have to separate, throw away and organize. That feeling you get when everything is splattered everywhere and it’s so overwhelming that it becomes a high… goosebumps just thinking about it. Anyway… creepy comment aside, just wanted to say I have been loving your High Straightenence blogs! And fridge organizing/suitcases in car are my personal faves… I think it’s because I’m good at Tetris?

    You’re my favourite food blog as always! Weekly love list would always have you on it. Thanks for all the happiness.

    • Tracy

      I love that too! I guess that’s kinda obvious. I get to a point where it’s like OH CRAP why did i get myself into this and then when I see all the stuff to weed out it makes me feel SOOOOOO good.

  • Jessica Craig

    yay Fail Harder! You are the wind beneath my wings. xo!

  • Jennifer

    Have you seen this? It looks like something you would like.


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