July 29, 2016

I love lists


Welcome to I love Lists! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. This is such good news for us!
  3. End times
  4. I used to have reoccurring dreams (nightmares) I was falling off one of these.
  5. This makes me want to go through my whole house and organize.
  6. I want a butcher block kitchen island!
  7. These make me want to paint…
  8. Thank you for the graffiti translation.
  9. Got them all right.
  10. For my birthday.
  11. Pizza Cat is my favorite.
  12. How to Eat a Lobster. I’d like to eat one this summer, please.
  13. Check out the set design of the Parent Trap- 1961.
  14. This makes me want to host a cocktail party.
  15. What’s your hot dog style?! I just like mustard and onions.
  16. Urgency Importance Matrix?
  17. Guess what we’re putting in the waffle iron this weekend?!!
  18. Check out these rare historical photos.
  19. If you have tomatoes to use up, this salad looks excellent.
  20. Oh goodness. This is like candy for my brain.
  21. This apartment in London is mega charming.
  22. Are you sorry about wasting food? I hate it so much.
  23. Oh I love this DIY Neon Marbling project!

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  • Jamie

    My recurring nightmare as a kid involved innocently peeking over a fence and seeing a roller coaster crash sight… darn those carnival rides!! = )

    • Tracy

      Oh wow!! I wonder if there were horrible accidents when we were young?

  • Jenna

    My hotdog has to have a good quality beef sausage,grilled onions, grated cheddar, mustard & ketchup. We don’t really get hot dogs (the meat part) in Australia so we have to improvise in-authentically! I want to try lots from that list though. Great round-up, as usual!

  • Kate

    Chicago girl; Chicago-style. 😉
    Also, that binge-organizing link sent me down a long rabbit-hole!

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