September 16, 2016

I love lists

I love lists // shutterbean

Welcome to I love Lists!!! Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. Loved reading this re: creativity
  2. Cord Organizing Tips & Tricks
  3. I should have written this….dangit.
  4. Cooper and I watch Diner, Drive-Ins & Dives.
  5. Olive Oil Cake Cookies!
  6. I’ve been working on parenting downtime myself.
  7. Why we give teachers apples.
  8. Whoa these ladies are living.
  9. I used to LOVE finding gems in textbooks!
  10. I had no idea that California has a wild horse problem!
  11. This photo series is pretty cool.
  12. Magnet MAGIC!
  13. Kid’s drawings….can be somewhat QUESTIONABLE at times.
  14. Cooper and I watch these TED-Ed videos together. Love them.
  15. Intuitive Eating– I just really love that overhead shot.
  16. I miss Stacy London.
  17. For the book lover
  18. Is it too early to start looking at calendars? Who am I kidding? I’m always looking at them.
  19. This is pretty cool!
  20. My hometown is beautiful.
  21. I wish I was in London right now.
  22. Omg this cake.


  • krissy

    Hey Tracy, i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE x infinity your site – it’s my version of google, if I want to try something, I check and see if you did it first. You rock!
    Also, wanted to let you know your first two links are the same (the cord tips + tricks one is missing!). happy weekend!

  • Allie

    In regards to the Diners Drive ins and Dives article – I LOVE THIS SHOW!

    Also – Holy Land, the now huge company mentioned in the article, SO GOOD. if you ever make it to Minneapolis, you will have to go. They sell Holy Land hummus all over the place here, it is as popular (or more) as Sabre.

    I love your links!!!

  • Abby

    I was reading the DD&D article kind of like “meh…” and then I get to the end and realize it was written by Julia Turshen, my food hero. Maybe I give it another chance now.

  • Ash Hills

    I made Joy’s cake last night. So goooooood!!!

  • Preeti

    Hi Tracy,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time, but haven’t posted yet. This quote you shared means so much.

    I’m still with what broke me. As strange as that sounds. As much as we try to define situations and challenges and people, life always surprises us with the limits of what we can withstand and overcome.

    Fellow design-junkie,

  • Amanda

    Great quote, also I will probably now be living on the lithub site, thanks for sharing!

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