January 1, 2016

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday!  We’re currently hibernating at my house this week. It’s been really nice to relax and play board games. My brother bought Cooper the Star Wars Boxed Set  and we’ve been working our way through it as a family so we can take Cooper to see the new movie. I’m sad to take down our Christmas decorations this weekend, but I’m super excited about having a clean slate for 2016.  I’m going to spend some time figuring out my intentions for the New Year. I just realized I didn’t do it last year.  How was that possible? Where does the time go? Seriously.

Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR and let’s see what the internet is up to this week.

  1. Takeout Food Styling
  2. Best Cat Moments of 2015
  3. He’s so my type.
  4. 26 Tiny Things to do for YOURSELF this year
  5. This is too real.
  6. Really Thought Provoking Stuff
  7. Nursing Your Holiday Spending
  8. 10 Mistakes We Make While Grocery Shopping
  9. Find the Panda!
  10. The Worst Internet Hoaxes of 2015.
  11. A good reminder
  12. The New Old House
  13. Omg. These DADS. 
  14. Awesome photos from 2015 + these too!
  15. Good things happened this year.
  16. Deep Thoughts.
  17. My goal in 2016 is to go to New Orleans.
  18. 2016 is the year of high top converse & disco balls…. according to me.
  19. I’m curious to see what they eat!
  20. What it’s like to give up alcohol for New Years
  21. Oprah sends the internet on an emotional roller coaster.

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