April 13, 2018



I love lists- a collection of links from the interweb by Tracy of Shutterbean.com!


  1. Did someone say butter?
  2. That’s a lot of beauty tips.
  3. Apparently, I’m tea tree oil.
  4. Fun project alert: DIY geometric table runner
  5. This must be the most beautiful thing to experience in person.
  6. Also, they guessed my age correctly. I wonder what younger people cook.
  7. Daydreaming of all the beautiful beaches in Italy...sigh…
  9. Cute look: This dress, these sandals, with these sunglasses. YES.
  10. The myth of one true calling might be holding you back.  I definitely understand the Einstein approach.
  11. I freaking love these optical illusion photos.
  12. Wasteful packaging fills me with rage.
  13. This Prince bush   is so cool!
  14. 100% Wanderlust.
  15. What makes this song great?
  16. What Facebook can learn from you by a single uploaded photo.
  17. How to clean up before your housekeeper comes.
  18. A whole new genre- doomsday prepper cookbooks!
  19. Handwriting fonts of famous people!!
  20. This is good news for my brother-in-law
  21. These photographs are so dang satisfying to my high straightenance brain.

The blooms outside. All the daisies!!

My overalls. I live in/for them.

Been loving the convenience of my travel watercolor set for my #100daysartbeforebreakfast project 

The last of the chicken enchilada leftovers from this week.

Books on my coffee table inspiring me: Gardenista / The Sun & Her Flowers

Thank you for all your black licorice recommendations. I’m currently enjoying a bag of these while I type this. I love the texture!

  • Ashley Hildebrand

    I work for a local city as an Emergency Planner, so essentially. a professional prepper. I will take any opportunity I get to tell people to get prepared!! Canned goods, lots of water, warm clothes. These are the essentials. Most of us don’t have time to be growing and canning foods so I always tell people to create a back-up pantry in your garage in bins with all your non-perishables. Then every year or so, rotate, it. Bring all that stuff in to your regular pantry, and then refill your “back up pantry/emergency food” so avoid canned goods expiring. Easy/delicious: rice, oats, flour, fruit and veggies in water (you can reuse this to cook – i.e. some oats with a can of peaches – and make your water rations go further, tuna, etc etc etc)

  • Candace Kennedy

    I so love looking through these each week! Thanks so much for continuing to post. <3

  • Lindsay

    HA! I just got that dress from Modcloth in the mail and I love it. It’s very comfortable and well made!

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