September 13, 2019



  1. Why every book club needs food.
  2. I still have no idea what a VSCO girl is.
  3. Women should go out with their girlfriends twice a week . 
  4. The perfect late night order in every fast food restaurant.
  5. Now all I want is Dim Sum
  6. Perhaps some people are going too far with emotional support animals?
  7. My new favorite overalls!
  8. Great American cities Then & Now
  9. This is so funny because it’s true.
  10. Wildlife photography amazes me.
  11. How to not feel lonely
  12. I have a Summer personality but I think it’s more Fall!
  13. Pretty excited by the cameras in the new iPhone Pro
  14. I’m so glad my Dad finally got hearing aids.
  15. How to hold a cat.
  16. Why women live longer that men…
  17. The rise of HANGRY
  18. I updated my favorite items in my shop!
  19. What happens when I’m no longer impressive for my age?
  20. Leopard Love: scarf / coat/ shower curtain / towel/ maxi skirt
  21. Such a pretty kitchen renovation!


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  • Erica

    Happy Friday Tracy! I tried the VSCO link but it didn’t work. This is key info—my son dressed up like one for school yesterday: oversized t-shirt, short shorts, scrunchies he borrowed from his sister and a hydro. Clearly I need this article to understand my teenagers thanks for the great Friday lists ❤️

  • Carly

    I am “put Voltarin on my hands every day” years old.

  • Jamie

    I got summer too and I’m definitely more Spring. Those Buzzfeed quizes crack me up. = )

  • Beth

    Hi Tracy,
    As a fellow overalls (we call them dungarees) fan, I beg and implore you to have a look at Lucy and Yak
    They are life changingly comfy – esp for those with curves. And organic and ethically made in the factory that they helped build. 100% recommended xx

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