September 27, 2019



  1. Instagram food hacks
  2. Classic beauties, 1940s
  3. All the ways Amazon is fixing Alexa.
  4. I had no idea that people read books on Instagram
  5. Ways to help save the environment every day 
  6. What a beautiful pantry makeover!!
  7. How to load a dishwasher.
  8. An interview with Wes Anderson & his process.
  9. Leopard: flats / jeans  / hat / clogs / tunic
  10. Avocados are getting a longer shelf-life now
  11. How the martini became a classic icon.
  12. A new netflix series for all you Paul Rudd lovers!
  13. The best signs from the climate strike.
  14. Children write letters to God.
  15. A brief history of the American Road Trip
  16. Lol: I want this for my cats
  17. This makes me want to pick up a ballpoint pen to play.
  18. Mattel announced gender-neutral dolls
  19. The most iconic pictures from Music History.
  20. I have something in common with Rob Lowe
  21. Netflix got the rights to Seinfeld!


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  • Priya

    And I saw the Rob Lowe fact and thought, I’m deaf in one ear too! Left ear for me though.

  • Janet Fazio

    LOL at the dishwasher loading video. Although I appreciate when the family loads their dishes themselves, I constantly rearrange the dishwasher when no one is looking so I can get more into it. Don’t tell them that though!

  • Allison

    Re: Instagram food hack #15 – I’d love to know how you have a mess-free experience getting the pancake batter INTO the ketchup bottle.

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