October 18, 2019



  1. Teachers doing important work. 
  2. They’re so lucky to have their grandparents in their wedding.
  3. These pumpkin cinnamon rolls look amaze.
  4. Some happy facts about animals!
  5. A look back at the first aerial photo shot in the USA
  6. You can donate your legos!
  7. Cat comics!
  8. A good use for broken lasagna noodles…
  9. To make: Dark & Stormy Kombucha
  10. How magazines were made before computers.
  11. 10 Types of Tippers
  12. Happy 20th BLOG ANNIVERSARY to David Lebovitz!
  13. I miss decorating our house for Halloween.
  14. Farrow & Ball has new paint colors!
  15. How to balance social and alone time at work.
  16. Americans are having fewer kids. Here’s what that means for education.
  17. Halloween costumes from 1950s + 1960s
  18. This portable printer thing looks fun.
  19. I have a super embarrassing photo of me and pigeons in Venice when I was a teenager.
  20. Cute bags I have my eye on:  one / two / three / four
  21. A Guide to Asian Restaurants, by Ali Wong
  22. Grab a food journal and some stickers for you/a friend this weekend.
  23. Here’s 2 months FREE Premium membership to Skillshare. YOU CAN DO SO MUCH ART!
  • Ginger

    I love your Friday lists, and I LOVE decorating for Halloween! Why don’t you decorate, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Tracy

      We don’t live in an area with a lot of trick-or-treaters!

      • Ginger

        Oh man…I hear ya! We only get maybe 10 or so kiddos that come around, but I am super into the Halloween decorations so I cannot help myself!

  • Anu

    Instead of “Cute bags I have my eye on” I read ” Cute bags I have under my eyes” and thought, hmm, is this a thing now? Hahaha…can you tell that I have been thinking about the bags under my eyes??

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