May 1, 2020




  1. It’s Black Friday in April
  2. What it might look like if we safely reopen schools.
  3. Weekend Reading: Eat What You Want
  4. Anyone else doing some bartering right now?
  5. A few things from my childhood.
  6. People’s outside my window photos from around the world.
  7. Watch Picasso create a masterpiece in 5 minutes. 
  8. My preferred food choices say I should live in Texas
  9. Artwork painted on alpine terrain. WOW
  10. What canned foods chefs keep in their pantries.
  11. Nannies tell their stories about working during COVID-19
  12. Tips for freezing produce to prevent food waste.
  13. How long can you safely store leftovers?
  14. Putting things into perspective.
  15. Best architecture photos from 2020 so far.
  16. Disciplining children looks different during a pandemic.
  17. Let’s make some yogurt flatbreads!
  18. An amazing monarch butterfly swarm.
  19. What a beautiful photo series- reflections of the past.
  20. Does it matter if my kid does schoolwork in bed?


Sending out food journals this weekend.  There’s more in the shop!!!

I need to get back on board with healthy eating.


Also, if you’re looking to do something productive with your time, take some Skillshare classes. It’s helped me grow my creative practice. Here are two months of FREE premium membership when you sign up. 

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