February 25, 2009


casey got me some blossoms

It all started with my husband bringing home some cherry blossoms the other night. They make me swoon instantly! Spring is near! I can see it through my kitchen window!

Right now, my head is stuck in spring and my clothing is stuck in winter! What I would give to bury these freezing feet in a warm sandy beach right now!

What I love about spring:
-the bright/fresh colors
-dishes with asparagus
-the blossoms
-the slight chill in the air
-the budding leaves
-Whoppers Easter Egg Candies

In a matter of months I’ll be begging for a cool breeze!

What do you love most about spring?



  • jen

    goodness I can’t wait for such a vision here. Everything is still glum and grey…

  • Rebecca

    Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous. We’ve had the tiniest hint of spring and
    I can’t wait for it to properly settle in. I’m looking forward to light jackets
    that I can still wear scarves with, and the end of our endless supply of root
    vegetables. I mean, I love parsnips, but four months of them endlessly is a
    bit much!

    Roll on the fresh spring.

  • rebekka

    Bright sunlight glinting off puddles from a morning rain….oh, how it makes me long for Spring too!

    I LOVE your blog, can’t wait to look around. Your home is gorgeous!

  • susan

    The ice melting in the harbour and from the beaches where I walk spring, summer and
    fall with my best dog pal Winnie Dixon, songbirds returning, tulips and daffodils,
    dawn arriving just past 5am – goodness I could go on …and on. It’s a beautifully sunshiny blue sky spring like day here in Nova Scotia today and it feels as if surely it’s just around the corner.

  • whitney

    The blossoms, definitely the blossoms. Oh, and the asparagus. So looking forward to that.

  • kristi

    I love those macro shots of the blossoms. lovely

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