July 5, 2024


Feel your feelings- Tracy Benjamin / I LOVE LISTS


  1. Science is funny.
  2. For next year: how to photograph fireworks
  3. I want to try these Cheez-Its! 
  4. The history of the Wendy’s Frosty.
  5. The history of sparkling water! 
  6. This illlustration is a feast for the eyes.
  7. Let’s read some non-negotiables from chefs.
  8. How to spot/prevent overheating pets.
  9. Arizona tea won’t budge on the price.
  10. Now I want deep-dish pizza.
  11. The most beloved dish from every state. 
  12. What’s the longest world in the English language?
  13. A guide to growing tomatoes.
  14. I’m obsessed with looking at mini dollhouse kits.
  15. I’m all for grocery store tourism.
  16. Apple is changing some photo things.
  17. Stop worrying about your screen time?
  18. To grill: brown sugar mustard chicken
  19. How I prepare for grilling. 
  20. A roundup of my favorite pens.


Currently June 2024- The Handwriting Club by Tracy Benjamin

I shared my June pages in my Currently Workbook on The Handwriting Club! 

I’m teaching a binder class next month! We will be building two binders together based on my meal prep/plan pack & my time management system. Let’s get you organized this summer! 

Build a Binder Workshop- Tracy Benjamin


Building a Binder System- with Tracy Benjamin of The Handwriting Club & Shutterbean

Join me next month for an engaging ZOOM workshop where I’ll share my unique approach to organizing binders for both Food & Time Management!

Build a Binder with me!! Saturday July 20 10AM-12PM

(Both my time management & meal prep pdfs will be included and taught in this workshop. Download at checkout! )


 On this week’s Keep Grief Weird episode, we talk about the impact of grief on the brain. It’s wild to learn how much your brain has to work to remap your whole world. Give it a listen and subscribe to our substack! 


I shared what it was like to find my Mom’s shoes at an estate sale two years after her death. 


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