note to self:

next year for the holidays, make it easy and plan a vacation soon after.

Someone remind me that next December- OK?

I had a case of the sniffles & a mild sore throat during Christmas time.  I did a REALLY good job of ignoring it.  I wouldn’t allow myself to be sick because I had so much to do.  So it wasn’t until the hangover of New Year’s day that my cold took the better of me.

I worked from home on Friday, which was wonderful because I could watch the storm outside and snuggle in my jammies while I crunched numbers. I also blasted the soundtrack to Juno which made it a better day. That night, we drove into the city and spent the evening with my parents eating at Jardiniere in SF.  The meal was fantastic.  So many wonderful flavors…great cheese and wine.  Happy Birthday Mom!

So I woke up Saturday hungover…and sicker.  I should have known better.  You should never drink when you aren’t feeling well to begin with.

Someone else please remind of that too.  Thanks.

So Saturday I slept…watched tv…stayed home most of the day.  But then I was starting to feel like a shut-in—So I invited my neighbor over for a quickie/impromptu late afternoon lunch:

cowgirl creamery pierce point


afternoon snackage

Today (feeling much better, thank you) we went to coffee.  It’s been weeks since we were able to do so.  It was really nice to get outside despite the rain.

coffee battle.  his is cuter

I went to the Container Store (favorite place to shop– second to Target) and bought some shelf stackers for my cabinets.

Here’s the before:


Here’s the After:


It all started because I decided to write down some realistic 2008 goals/resolutions today.  Number 3 was to become more organized and get rid of clutter. Casey wrote on my list “Overcome the urge to make piles”  So—I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to do that.

My mom says I need to learn how to relax—So I’m gonna figure out how that works this year too.

It feels so good to have this cabinet organized.  It was impossible to put things away in such a waste- of- space cabinet. These are all my fancy dishes & my little collection of special plates for photos, entertaining & such.

I also organized my computer room. It was sooo full of glitter, wrapping paper scraps and loose ends.  Only took me 4 hours to complete. Must not let it get that bad again/ever.

Tonight’s dinner was from a recipe in this month’s Everyday Food (Cayenne Rubbed Chicken with Avocado Salsa). It was very light (like they say) and fresh tasting with a perfect spiciness. I will definitely add it to the rotation.  It’s EXTREMELY simple (which is good).  It seems so ridiculous following the recipe word for word. So I’ll prolly just remember how it tasted and go from there the next time I make it.  I grilled the chicken instead of cooking it in a pan.

cayenne chicken with avocado relish

cayenne chicken, chips, salsa

avocado, red onion, lime juice

The avocado relish does a nice job of balancing the cayenne.  It’s excellent with tortilla chips too.

Anyways…it’s late.  I’m sleepy. It’s time for rest.  Hope you all had a nice weekend.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday- Melisser! xoxoox

Break out the chocolate fountain next time I come over OK?

  • Sarah Lynn

    My brother’s girlfriend calls glitter “the herpes of the craft world.” I’m afraid she may be right.

    Your cabinets are an inspiration. Simply lovely.

  • BDogg

    jealousy. i want to go to the container store and organize!

  • elarael

    I’ve always heard to avoid dairy when sick, because it contributes so much to congestion. I really enjoy your blog and hope you’re feeling better! Happy new year!

  • Jen

    Your cabinets look fantastic! I lurve that little teapot/cup combo–where’d you find it? My friend is in desperate need of one. I got one at a Princess House party in the fall–not as nifty looking as yours but def worth the money I spent on it. I heart it.

  • Tracy

    bdogg- you and i would be dangerous there.

    sarah lynn: i laughed so hard at yer comment. ha! it’s the gift that keeps on giving…

    elarael: you are right. should not have had dairy. i’ll know better next time. i just love cheese soooooo much.

    jen: my friend got it for me up in oregon. it has a few kitties on the front and little paw prints on the back. the bottom black part is actually a cup so you just pour your tea in there.
    i googled and found:

  • L.

    Okay, we should be neighbors so I can come over and drink your wine and eat your cured meat. That sounds horrifying, but you get me. MARCONA ALMONDS.

    I’m sorry your head went back on the BFF plan, and decided to get you good. The worst hangover I ever had ushered in tonsillitis and I am still wary, every time I wake up with even a twinge in the temple.

  • Tracy

    L- wouldn’t that just be splendid. oh the trouble we’d make…..

  • Kelly

    Hmm, that chicken looks sooo good. And pile-making? Yep, need to eliminate that habit as well.

  • erin

    oh your cupboards! they look amazing. jealousy!

  • jenifer

    oh lady, nice job on the cabinets! organization is a wonderful thing, it takes me forever to find the key, but it is sweet when it happens 🙂

    some island vacay would be lovely no? i’m dreaming about one…

    ps – is that cowgirl cheese? i met one of the owners via my houseguest (who’s her cousin) it was cool to chat her up and now i want to go take a field trip to point reyes to see the whole operation!


  • Tracy

    jen- was it peggy or sue that you met? they are the nicest people alive!

  • Karla

    Hello: I found your blog via Flickr. I love your photos and now I love your blog. You are just oo cute. You inspire me. I wanna be you(But not in a psycho way. I just think you are the bees-knees) 🙂

  • Tracy

    karla! thank you- you just made my week!

  • Karla

    Aw–I am glad. It’s always nice to put a smile on a face 🙂
    I would add you, but I don’t have a blog. ;( However, i do have a myspace and facebook :)Do you?

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