July 26, 2015

And I Quote:

And I Quote // shutterbean And I Quote // shutterbean

July 25, 2015

My Everyday Life: Week 30

Here's what My Everyday Life: Week 30 looked like:

Family trip to Tahoe to celebrate my Dad's 69th birthday. Here he is getting the fire started.

My Everyday Life: Week 30

Casey brings wine glasses to the beach.

myeverydaylife30 (1)

There was an incredible hail storm the second day we were here.

My Everyday Life: Week 30

Cousins at the beach.

My Everyday Life: Week 30

Daisies vs. bbq.

My Everyday Life: Week 30

The light is incredible up here.

My Everyday Life: Week 30

I've been enjoying it so much.

My Everyday Life: Week 30


July 24, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists, Friday!

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Here's what I'm into this week:

  1. This horse was born with crazy markings!
  2. Underwater WWII Plane Graveyard. Whoa.
  3. 10 Ways to De Clutter Your Tech Experience
  4. A dessert of my dreams. The styling is ON POINT.
  5. We should all make  breakfast cookies this weekend.
  6. Harvesting Lavender = pretty!
  7. Here are some great Youtube Food Hacks.
  8. This perfectionist is super annoyed.
  9. Studio Envy!
  10. How Alton Brown works
  11. Texts of Misery from Camp. I'm lucky I didn't have cellphones at camp.
  12. MMMMMarshmallow Sauce. Gotta make this sometime.
  13. I loved seeing what Lisa's favorite tools are for her work.
  14. This Summer Melon Salad looks so beautiful- just like Near & Far (I got an advance copy & am IN LOVE)
  15. If you love clouds like I do, you'd like watching this video.
  16. 20 Things You Learn in your 20s
  17. Some Rhymes to Remember When You're Drinking....
  18. San Francisco's Hidden Gems.
  19. How Jerry Seinfeld calms his nerves.
  20. Love these wedges and this dress....
  21. Why is it so hard to get a good bagel in California?



Here's what I worked on for Ebay this week:

Start your own Air Plant Collection!

Throwing an Ice Cream Social? Here are some things you need.

Snack Attack- all of my favorite store bought snacks.