November 30, 2015

Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Guide

Shutterbean Favorite Things Gift Guide 2015

It’s Cyber Monday (who even made that phrase up??!) and are we ready to do some shopping? I opted out of Black Friday and ate leftovers in my pajamas and binged on this show. In other words, I lived it UP.  Cyber Monday is usually more my speed. I like the feeling of finding all of my Christmas gifts from Amazon so I can exploit Amazon Prime Shipping. The shipping price is always what GETS ME to pull the trigger. PLUS….I can do it all from my pajamas and not have to wait in line. Thank you, technology. Today I put together a list of all of my favorite things that could/would/should make excellent gifts for the holiday season. That’s right, I’m playing Oprah today with My Favorite Things Holiday Gift Guide 2015 edition!

Here we go!

Watercolor Set– I’ve given this to a few people as gifts this year with this book and some aqua brushes . Cooper and I both have our own coloring sets and we take them on the go when we’re out & about. Super portable/ super fun/ a great way to add a little color to your journaling.

Prisma Colored Pencils– I treated myself to some fancy colored pencils. I love a set that has a tremendous amount of color. They’re a dream to color with. If you’re gonna gift them, make sure you throw in a few coloring book

Koi Brush Pens Game changer! I love these pens so much.  They’re sturdy and super saturated. That means I don’t mind when Cooper (who has such a heavy hand when it comes to drawing) uses them.

Calligraphy Set – Hoping to get more into calligraphy this year. I bought this set and am going to crack into it on Christmas break. It’s a GORGEOUSLY curated set and feels super regal. Your friend/family member who also loves handwriting will get a kick out of it.

Kombucha Kit– One of my favorite discoveries of 2015 was learning how to make my own kombucha. This kit helps with that! It’s been about 6 months since I started my first batch and I’m still going strong. Spread the kombucha love and get your friends & family their own kits. Add in a few bottles & a good book while you’re at it.

Leather Zipper Case– My friend Lisa has one of these pouches and they’re beautiful! I keep eyeing hers…but I am not sure if I want to get the silver or gold one. If you carry a big bag, you can consolidate with this pouch. It’s super sleek and glitzy so it instantly classes up any outfit. I will have one. Oh yes I will.

Illume Woodfire Reed Diffuser If you love the smell of campfires/fireplaces, you’ll love this reed diffuser. My house smells like this right now and it makes me supremely happy.

Juniper Ridge Christmas Fir Spray– We haven’t had a real Christmas tree since Cooper was born. We’re a white Christmas tree  household so we definitely miss out on the Christmas tree smell. I’ve been super impressed with Juniper Ridge’s incense and now I am OBSESSED with the Christmas Fir Spray. It’s the pure essence of Christmas Trees! I swear, it smells like we have a real tree in here now.

Urban Decay Naked Smokey Eyeshadow– The only eyeshadow I use! I love this palette because it has EVERY color I use to smoke up my eyes. If my high school aged niece didn’t already have it, I’d buy it for her in a heartbeat.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker– The main reason why I don’t make ice cream regularly is that I don’t have enough space in my freezer for the ice cream container insert and I don’t always remember to put the container in the freezer overnight. I bought this Cuisinart ice cream making because the compressor chills the insert while it churns! No need to think ahead and clear out room for your freezer.  Also- I highly recommend this ice cream container, this scoop and this book. All of those things wrapped up with a giant bow would make someone SO HAPPY this Christmas.

Polaroid Mobile Inkless Printer– I’ve been wanting to print pictures from my phone for awhile now and LOVE the fact that you never have to buy ink with this polaroid printer. Cooper and I make little journals with our pictures. It’s always exciting to see an image from my phone pop out from the printer.  Make sure you get extra paper!

Fujifilm XT-1  I’ve been using this camera as my main camera for the past year. I bought it to travel with (my Canon 7D can get really heavy) and I love it so much that I use it for most of my recipes here on Shutterbean. It’s so much fun to play with.

Nikon Coolpix Camera This is Cooper’s camera! I wanted something that was kidproof/waterproof/shock resistant and this one fits the bill. It’s great for trips to the beach or underwater shoots in the pool.


Stitch Fix– Get your friend a gift card so they can try the service out!

Gift someone a Creativebug membership! First Month Free with Code: COZYCRAFTS– I love being able to access great tutorials & classes on my computer. Cooper and I have taken a few classes together and it’s SO MUCH FUN.

Curated Music + Food= Turntable Kitchen Subscription Box– For the music & food lover!

Birchbox Subscription– If you love trying samples of perfume & beauty products, you’ll love this.

Olfactif- I just started my subscription this month. Can’t wait to see what comes to my door!

If you plan on doing any shopping online, you should sign up with EBATES because you get cash back from your purchases. They also will give you the good promo codes for shops online.  All of you have to do is login to your account and go through their website and earn. They’ll send you a “big fat check” quarterly. A lot of big online retailers are on there, so I ALWAYS make sure to see if I can get cash back from a sale. When we bought our new fridge we got $75 back! Amazing right??   It costs nothing to sign up.


Here are some guides from the past if you need additional ideas!



  • Amanda

    Great ideas, I always look forward to your gift guides!

  • Christina

    I’m so glad you recommend the coolpix camera as I’ve already bought one for my niece for Christmas. It’s a relief to hear that I selected a good one! Thank you!

  • Rebecca

    I always look forward to your gift guides, and this year the Oprah gif just made it sooo much better. I actually laughed out loud and work and got busted for reading blogs instead of working on my spreadsheet!

  • Jane M

    I am a wholesaler who sells to small mens specialty stores all over the country. I’m a bit worried to hear on the radio that BLACK FRIDAY was not cracked up to what it once was as people are buying online. I’m afraid to call my stores to see how they are doing! But maybe the sales were made up for SHOP SMALL SATURDAY?! I sure hope so! Love your gift ideas! I’m a huge coloring book fanatic! I have many books and the Prisma Color Pencils are so fun! I’ve filled into my set 2x already! I can buy single pencils from my local art store! YAY! Happy Holidays!

  • Kelly T

    You saved the day! Just ordered my 7 yo daughter the Nikon Coolpix. Was feeling so guilty bc we got her brother a “big” Xmas gift…now she’ll have hers. And she’ll be getting it 2 weeks early to snap photos on our trip to FL where we’ll have a pool. She’s already a pro with her little point-and-shoot camera so now underwater photos might blow her mind! Thank you! xoxo

  • Catherine McCord

    LOVE your suggestions! I’ve been buying tons of your holiday links. Thanks for your creative ideas!

  • Maggie Hanson

    That inkless printer is basically the coolest thing I’ve ever seen – seriously! I bought 4 pairs of shoes this Cyber Monday which sounds excessive but really, they were 30% off and free shipping so I kinda feel like I was conservative!

  • jess

    OMG I want that ice cream maker!

  • Gaby Dalkin

    kombucha kit! yes!!

  • April

    Loved your list! I put together a favorites list recently as well. I see we both love the Naked eye shadow palette. Yes, teens love this kit! Making your lemon chicken again tonight for dinner! LOVE this recipe! I’m going to try your apricot chicken recipe next week. Have a great weekend!

  • Jenna

    Goodness, I love EVERYTHING on this list!!!

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