indian food & san francisco

the week started off with a bang! I was given these wonderful See’s Candies- Apricot Delights from our neighbor. *thank you!* They were sweet, tart, soft & chewy. I’ll have to get some next time I cave and find myself in a See’s Candies shop.

then on wednesday day i hung out with a good friend. we had some Indian Food @ Naan N’ Curry in San Francisco. It’s the best Indian food ever. I’ve yet to find a place in the pennisula that is as good-but we’re always trying….

my favorites at naan n’ curry:

-chicken tikka masala
-palak paneer
-benghan bharta
-potato naan
-aloo ghobi

The Indian food coma set in- I walked around and saw some cool things:


market stand

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