September 11, 2007

pet peave #678

When someone asks you to help them with something and their explanation of the action takes longer to explain than the action itself. This is not the best time management. They clearly could have finished the task already. This is especially annoying when the task is making a phone call.


“Call this person, tell them this and this and this….ask them this and that and that…and if they ask this…say that….etc!!!” I sit there thinking “Do you want me to dial, and you can just say that to them?!!!???”

  • Crystal Bee

    this is also my biggest pet peeves. additional examples are making a photocopy, filing one piece of paper, and dictation – having you write something down they just said out loud very slowly (since you were writing).

  • dog breeds

    I love this! So creative to make a dog house. I love that stencil too! I’ve been trying to win it on EVERY cutting edge stencil giveaway I see.

  • CBD For Pets

    My dogs love chewing these up and they work wonders on their teeth and breath! They have pristine teeth when we do their vet checkups!mobile dog grooming in naperville illinois.

  • lisa

    These portobello pups are just too cute and they sound delicious. I’d take a grilled mushroom dog than a mystery meat hot dog any day. Can’t wait to try this!

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