May 20, 2022


The universe is your creative partner!! I love lists artwork by Tracy Benjamin


  1. This kid is my  hero.
  2. These bars look amazing.
  3. Spacing out and looking at cool homes.
  4. Coolest hotels in every state.
  5. I am trying to understand the appeal of Harry Styles.
  6. Old technology is cool.
  7. Photos of office workers in the 1970s.
  8. Betta fish are cool to look at.
  9. Omg these beavers.
  10. Space out to the Milkyway.
  11. This made me think of my Mom.
  12. You’re wasting time at the drive-thru.
  13. People are retiring on cruise ships.
  14. Followed up by why cruises aren’t the best.
  15. Why does smoke always follow you?
  16. Vegan fish sauce exists. Curious!
  17. Things from Trader Joe’s you could put in the air fryer.
  18. Realistic fake food.
  19. Followed up by the best vegan cheeses.
  20. Emotional intelligence can protect your heart.
  21. These photos made me pause.
  22. Instant magic: Outdoor lights


  • Kristin

    Just had time to flip through the latest Better Homes & Gardens before leaving on vacation, and there is an article on Harry Styles. I just glanced at it in disbelief, and it made me wonder if it’s time to let my subscription lapse. I don’t even think it was pictures of his house, but just MANY photos of him wearing different clothes. Definitely not what I’m looking for in BH&G.

    • Tracy

      Yeah I don’t get it either. I think it’s mostly a pull to get a younger audience.

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