September 9, 2007

this weekend:

walking to the neighbors paired a dress with a skirt today cheese & nectarines elephant bush is growing outside my front door olive oil & dipping herbs chocolate almond biscotti recipe two eggs required first cut, then bake again mmmmmm sf. fresh & new construction makes me want an orangey smoothie outstanding coming up over the hill sandy's bathroom chairs beauty kid's bathroom beemster & white nectarines outside the fabric store feta

weekend included:

  • a trip to SF to assistant photographing a wedding
  • dinner with the neighbors (twice)
  • playing with my new camera
  • having coffee with a new, delightful friend!
  • eating Indian food, Gyros, Falafel, Chinese food all from our favorite places in the Bay Area
  • organizing & straightening of the garage/laundry room
  • shopping for fabric for the couch & chairs
  • making chocolate/almond biscotti
  • enjoying the last few days of summer..but daydreaming about layering clothes
  • compiling all of my clothes to donate to goodwill
  • thinking about all of the soups that i’m going to make soon
  • playing “name that tune” with the neighbors on our back porch
  • packing (mentally) for our upcoming trip
  • Oh! and last thursday we saw Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn at Cobb’s on Thursday (so funny my throat hurt from laughing!)

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