who enjoys mondays?

cheese lunch!
mmmmm cheese
fresh strawberries to finish
my mint is growing!
goodmorning, coffee.  on the back porch
little dandelions

this weekend i:

-celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday (i have blisters from dancing-at least my shoes were super cute!)
-went to signona’s farmers market (my first time since we moved here a year ago!)
-sat on the back deck & had my morning cup of coffee…dreaming of a finished backyard….
-splurged on expensive cheese & sat on the back deck & devoured every bit with the husband
-made cocktails & crafts with neighbors & helped make chinese fried rice
-added mulch to the front yard plants & checked in on my mint in the backyard
-tackled a weeks worth of dishes because one of the pipes broke to our sink 🙁

i’m wishing i didn’t have chores to do. why do weekends slip away so fast?

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