April 27, 2018


I love lists // shutterbean.com


  1. Advice/stories on grief & loss
  2. Have you ever been to a clothing swap? Looks like fun!
  3. cute things alert: fundies /plant washi tape / cat doormat /red sandals
  4. Remember Trading Spaces from wayyyy back? Look at some of the worst rooms.
  5. Look at how easy it can be to make a cool looking planter.
  6. Sometimes I say please to my Alexa. Old (good) habits die hard.
  7. Some amazing handwriting samples for you. 
  8. A healthy convenience mart? Cool.
  9. I had no idea what quinoa looked like before it’s harvested. 
  10. If I had my way, I’d eat dinner at 4 PM too .
  11. Stadium food is super fancy these days. I’m not mad at it.
  12. How did they know that I fear clowns???!
  13. When the art you create disappoints you.
  14. News to me- You can rent a family in Japan.
  15. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to eat the food in our earthquake kit.
  16. See also: accidental art
  17. I am the woman who has it all– YES SO GOOD!!!!
  18. Love— Hollywood’s Prop Food Heaven!
  19. The best places to retire in the US. 
  20. Fun fact: I hugged Gilda Radner when I was little. My mom took me to her book signing!
  21. Gmail added some new features. I like this very much.
  22. Overalls are a theft deterrent. YESSSSS.
  23. A good way to teach kids compassion.
  24. If you also love getting lost in old photos…

Looking through all the quote images I’ve made in the last few years. – it’s a lot!

Lemon Ginger Elixir for my dumb head cold.

Reading through The Bold Dry Garden right now. How INSPIRING!

  • lee

    That page of handwriting samples is drool-level amazing!

    Happy Friday…hope you enjoy your weekend!

  • Kate Shumaker

    That lemon elixir has magical healing powers.

  • Caitlyn

    I love grabbing dinner with my one friend because we always make dinner reservations at like 5 or 5:30. It’s fantastic! We both grew up in the Midwest but are now East Coast transplants and I hate how people eat so late here. I usually eat lunch at noon and dinner at 5. Any time people try making dinner plans later I die a little inside because I know I’ll be starving. Also I just don’t feel good eating that late. I’ve gotten to the point where I refuse dinner plans after 8pm. I will go to hang out and get a drink but I will not go and eat a meal. Plus, early dinners at restaurants are quieter and less busy. And it’s easy to get reservations pretty much anywhere at that time which is why I’m okay with everyone else still eating late, less competition for me.

  • Sara

    We used to have semi-annual clothing swap / cocktail parties in grad school! It was a great way to keep a wardrobe fresh without breaking our budgets. Anything that didn’t get taken went to charity.

  • Susan

    Last year Wrigley Field in Chicago had what they called their “Chefs Series” of food. One stand in the ballpark was taken over periodically (Usually a period of one stretch of home games, sometimes two) by a local chef and food was created by that person. It was fantastic.
    Last summer the chefs involved were Jeff Mauro, Rick Bayless, Graham Eliot, Stephanie Izard, and Matthias Merges.

    Since my husband and I share season tickets with a few other couples, we were lucky enough to try every chef’s menu. Surprisingly, our favorite was the one we were least familiar with, Matthias Merges. Rick Bayless and Stephanie Izard’s menus were great too. The other too ended up just being Meh to us.

    Looking forward to June when the series starts again and seeing who will be involved this time.

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